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Tiffany Korta

Timelines of Events, 2019

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Many things happen all over the course of a year and it can be difficult to keep track of everything that happens, so we’re restarting a Timeline of events over the year. But we could do with your help when you start a thread can you post here the title and link to the thread, it’s location, date of start and which characters are involved, looking something like this:


Ink - Bedlam City, 12th December (Ronin, Doctor Thorne, Mister Strix, Lady Horus)


It’s not required and we’ll try to keep thing updated here, but it will be a great help if you could.




SOPHie's Choice : Shock to the System - Early January, Earth-1071984 (Forever Boy, Sun Dragon & Dio, Ms Thurday)

SOPHie's Choice : Between a Rock and the Deep Blue sea - 3rd January, Earth-10041963 (Delta, Lord Steam, Hazmat)

Stargazers - 11th January, Super Museum, Freedom City (Aurora, Forever Boy)


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Mister Strix's guidebook entry has an up-to-date personal timeline with thread links. Feel free to copy/paste from it.

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Stargazers - January 11th (Aurora, Forever Boy)


Also, Guidebook pages for Forever Boy, Dust Devil II and Justice should be up to date with their timelines for 2018.

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