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Freedom City's Finest: And the Half-blood Princess

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Freedom City, Earth Prime


Silently above the streets of Freedom City flew the vessel, an amazing vessel of bronze and copper that looked like a broad flat sailing vessel. Even within the crowded airspace above the city, it drew some attention from those below, few vehicles like this flew in its skies. From beneath the vessel shot out a bright light that scanned the ground beneath it, going from person to person the light being more than just a simple spotlight it was searching for someone very special, special even in a city like this one.


The crew of this craft was searching for a very specific half-blood, whos very existence could maybe save an entire civilization from disaster!

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"This is a normal sight in this city," Jessica thought to herself, "isn't it? I mean, dudes in tights were just knocking each other around a couple hours ago." Not that she disdained the hero lifestyle. She'd been in it for a while. But her curiosity got the better of her some times. "Damned envy."


Shooting up into the sky at what the fly boys and girls would call a leisurely pace, she eventually reached the sky barge. Floating around it conspicuously, she took in the sights, taking a few pictures. "Neat."

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GM Post

A single occupant stood at the controls of the copper boat at what looked like rather primitive controls for a flying device, looking like it was controlled mostly by a fancy arrangement of crystals of various colours and sizes.


They crew person themselves was dressed from head to toe in Greek looking armour which even though it lacked any outwards decorations it shone white in even the cities lights. There face was hidden by a full helmet with a horsehair crest along its length, which termed to look at Jessica hovering in the air though for now they took no action towards her.

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"All this boat and only one person, huh," Jessica said floating toward the ship. She touched down, "permission to come aboard, captain," she said asking in hindsight. It was a pretty place, really. She couldn't help but look around. Especially the armored ship driver. She wasn't the type to remember official titles.


Even though she was in awe, she steeled herself. Just in case it was one of those moments where a bunch of mooks would pop out of nowhere. Walking towards, but not hovering over, the ship driver, she took one last picture before putting her phone away. "So,  me being the nosy, curious hero type, I gotta ask: What's up, doc?"

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“I’m curious about that as well, I hope there’s enough room on that contraption for one more!”


Floating just behind them, arms crossed, was the figure of Triakosia.


With her array of enhanced senses, it hadn’t taken long to spot this floating vehicle and she’d have been here sooner if it wasn’t for the robbery she’d been dealing with at the time.


The figure didn’t speak to either of the two heroes and with both hands reached up and removed the helmet revelling the same distinct features as Triakosia.


“Ah, so it’s going to be one of those days then!”

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Jessica looked at the second person coming aboard. Like, a black female Centurion? Wait, was this the one looking to take his mantle? She had a... certain following on the internet. Then again any hero or villain with notoriety did. That cat woman from Emerald City was big up right now.


"Hey," she looked between the two having a moment, "nice meeting you in person, Triakosia." There was a short silence, "am I interrupting anything?"

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GM Post

The white suited Triakosia looked at the half demon with a look of surprise.


“How did you know my title?” she looked a little confused at how things were unfolding


“I guess this is your first interdimensional jaunt, I seem to meet other versions of me all the time! Lady Triakosia” she gave a little curtsy


“That is besides the point! Lady Triakosia was obviously ignoring her otherworld counterpart “It is you I came to find, only you can avoid plunging the nations around Atlantis in a devastating war!” she looked directly at Jessica as she spoke, a serious look on her face.


To her credit Triakosia’s attitude change to a much more serious tone on hearing that.



“If you’re planning to go help I’d like to tag along to help. If that’s okay with you?”

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"Well, it seems I am the tiebreaker," not-Triakosia smiled. Though her being the odd one out did raise questions. Dimension hopping brought questions. None that she vocalized at first, but giving a confused furled brow. "Yeah," she nodded, "I'm in for the experience. That hero thing is less thinking and more doing."


"My name is," she paused for a moment, wondering since this new Triakosia had no idea who she was, if it would matter, "Red... Synn?" She's been wanting a superhero name for a while.And that was the worst. But she was sticking by it. For now. "I'm a hero, just in case, you can do your scans on me and whatever." She looked at the two doppelgangers, "there's going to be a mix up, but if you'll allow me monikers. Well, something better than A and B." She pointed to the original and the captain respectively.

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GM Post

“I know who you are, everyone on Atlantis knows your identity!” Lady Triakosia reply, with maybe a little more force than expected.


She held her hand up and muttered a few words causing a small illusion to appear of a woman to appear. It looked like a image from a Conan style painting the woman bedecked in jewels and silks. It was also very much the double of Jessica.


“She rules a kingdom that dominates this coast of this continent on my world and keeps the various other nations at peace. Without her, the nations would go to war and Atlantis would be forced to interfere.”


“And of course right now she’d disappeared!”

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