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Duplication and Equipment


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Say you make yourself a duplicator, and you've got a fair share of Equipment; guns, costumes, etc. Will your duplicate(s) have those items as well if they have all the same traits as you? I would assume so, but never hurts to ask.

EDIT: Things like vehicles and headquarters are obviously not duplicated.

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Okay thanks. That's what I figured, but never hurts to ask.

Now a few questions on Duplication itself:

Let's say you have Duplication 10 with the Heroic Extra, and that's it, so you just summon 1 identical duplicate. Suppose you're in a fight, and the Duplicate has taken a fair amount of damage and is eventually knocked unconscious, and disappears.

Could the original then use Duplication again to bring the Duplicate back on his next turn?

If so, what level of health would the duplicate re-appear at? IE: would they still have all the bruises, injuries, etc. or be fully healed?

What if the original sustained damage, would the duplicate have that as well, because they are a copy of the original?

Say the Original summons the Duplicate as a standard action, so the Original has a move action left. Would the Duplicate have just a move action as well, or would he have both a standard and move?

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