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Codus Immortus: Old Gods Anew

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"listen ladies I'm sure you both know but I'm kinda a brute not a sage...do some bar-room philosophy but aside from that I punch demons and nightmares and monsters and work hard to protect people I come across..." He explained as he turned the problem over in his head.


"I think If something is up then y'dd would be our best bet ..he's bound to this land deeply....if something is amiss he can point us in the right direction assuming it hasnt gotten to him too." He pondered now a little unsure of himself


"You remember Y'ddren don't you Morgan? He was with me when I came to check up on you after you started your sleep, good chap."

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"Y'Dderwen? Yes...I remember....he was...kind...."


She slumped to the ground, drooling slightly. Then, with a spasm of her entire body, she went completely rigid. It looked rather like the beginnings of a seizure. 


Except people who have seizures do not tend to levitate, to float five feet from the ground, slowly writhing. And that was what happened to Morgen. 


"But...he is not welcome...." she spluttered. "I hear the old Gods sing! They are coming! THEY ARE COMING!"


And both Voin and Dreadnought could infact hear distant rumblings, like the movement of mountains, or the grinding of rocks, or the shifting of rivers....

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"well that's ominous...he mumbled as he slowly and carefully turned to look for the source of the rumbling, trusting that whatever happening to morgen was not something he could do anything about 


"Seems like we're working our way into my area of expertise eh voin?"

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Klara was concerned about what was happening, but she couldn’t help but correct her ally



“Please call me Klara, Tovarishch Drednout! Voin just means warrior, and I like to think we're more than just fighters.”


She wasn’t as attuned to the preternatural world as other of her people, but even she could tell something was about to happen.


“But yes I agree trouble is definitely on its way, you might be able to get through to her before things go to far.”

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"Klara..Klara...you better look out Klara....the Old Gods are born Anew!"


Morgen fell to her knees and dug at the rotten floorboards and cobblestones under the Church. 


"I tore out my eye and filled it with fire. I can see beyond this mundane world, to where Gods and Spirits sing and dance and play games with infinity. Can you feel it, in this temple?" she asked, turning her eyes (both burned and unburned) to Voin and Dreadnought. 


"I took refuge here, but it started calling to me. It is a bridge. And now it has overcome me. Or made me. I no longer know. It is all madness! It is all madness!"


From outside, the rumbling drew closer and louder...


"I could not stop it now. I am not sure I would want to..."

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"so really I should've knocked this thing down then huh.." he asked Klara with a nervous chuckle.


"So klara...Im not much of a thinker or a planner but maybe we aughta get Morgan outta here.... It's having quite an...effect on her...if you can see to that I can keep whatever is coming here busy for a while I'm pretty sure." He offered as he cracked his knuckles in preparation.


"I mean if you have a better idea I'm open to it"

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There were times when Klara wished she payed more attention when the priests talked about the ancients pact with the spirits of the mountains, though she doubted the spirits here spoke the language of her people. But still, she guessed it was up to them to try and sort this out.


“Best not, if she’s there conduit then they’ll be drawn towards her, and we don’t want to put anyone else at risk of attack. I  suggest we get her back inside the church, it’s probably the best protection for her right now.”


It wasn’t much but it was all they had available, so that’s what they’d have to use.

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"They are coming! King Cauldron, from whose pot the Giants are born!" muttered Morgen. "The Old Gods Anew! Before time itself, born from the idea of mountains, rather than the mountains themselves!"


She looked at Voin directly. "Have you been to the land of ideas?" she asked, face half grimace, half grin.


The rumbling grew louder. Deep voices, like rolling boulders, muttered through the crisp cold air. 


"We are called! We are called!" they rumbled. 


"At the centre of everything, where the Cosmic Coil twines, were the Mountains of Madness grind, there lies the unspeakable one! Ah! He whispered to us in our all life, giant!" she said to Dreadnought "but here, in this temple, the whispers are roars!"


"We are called! We serve the King!"


Outside, from every point of the compass, was an enormous giant.Voin and Dreadnought might have been big, but these ancient beings were over fifty feet tall. They were dressed, in a manner of speaking, in ancient hides, and had rocks encrusted all over their bodies. Their skulls were thick and primitive, and they did not look as if they were blessed with brains to match their size. 

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"uh huh...so I see." He mumbled slightly bemused by the maddend Morgan's ranting as he rubbed his hands together and began to limber up a little.


"So, gods huh....wonder what they were doing whilst stuff was going down with the ice demons...slacking off I guess..no wonder they got abandoned the lazy sots."


A mighty hand reached out for morgen's shoulder and he began to as gently as possible attempt to guide her back into the church, perhaps a touch more forceful that. He would be with a bystander..Morgan was after all an ancient, immortal oracle...surely she could take a little more?

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