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Defenders of the Deep OOC

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They're a bit spread out, but since its cramped, let's go with 3. 2 of those 3 have their weapons currently disabled.

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So many hits!

Hit one: 15

Staggered and Dazed!

Hit two: 22

But not enough to remain upright! Squid Leader is down!


Give me an IC @Avenger Assembled and I'll get to the squid minions.


28 - Sgt. Shark - 1 HP - Bruise (x1)

19 - Asad - 3 HP - Undamaged

18 - Sea Devil - 1 HP - Undamaged

12 - Squid Jerk Minions x5 (x3 guns nullified) - Undamaged. 5x - KO

8 - Squid Jerk Leader - KO

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