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Defenders of the Deep OOC


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Depending on time, Sgt Shark will look at the geological data and use Knowledge [Earth Sciences] either taking 10 (minutes) or 20 (hours!) to see what thestate of play is - looking at the stability of the region and also age of the plates around here. 


EDIT: Should have added that would be a 20 or 30 result on the "roll" respectively. 

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Shark Stats, for ease of use for me 



Initiative: 1d20+2 = 22

Beware the dreaded turbo sharks


And yes, that'd be a fail, if I understand Handle Animal checks listed right.


So, initiative:


24 - Sgt. Shark - 1 HP - Undamaged

22 - 4 Sharks - Undamaged

15 - Asad - 3 HP - Undamaged

13 - Sea Devil - 2 HP - Undamaged


So, @Supercape is up!

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EDIT! I had forgotten the minion rule about being KO'ed on a failed toughness save


Alright, effects of Shockwave: 

Since I didn't specify their locations that much, rolling 1d4 to determine how many get caught in the cone: 1d4 = 3


Reflex Saves vs. DC25 for half damage: 3x 1d20+5 = 12 12 19

Sharky Toughness saves vs. DC30: 3x 1d20+4 = 19 24 17


So, new status:


24 - Sgt. Shark - 1 HP - Undamaged

22 - Shark 1 - Undamaged, Shark 2, 3, 4 - Unconscious

15 - Asad - 3 HP - Undamaged

13 - Sea Devil - 2 HP - Undamaged

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Sgt Shark will swim to the unwounded one (move action), then attack!


For this round, as he is in his favoured environment, adding +2 to Defence


Bite Shark: 1d20+12 32 Bang, a critical for a DC 30 Toughness save. If its ok with you, as his blood is up and these are sharks, making that lethal damage. 

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Mind Control roll: 1d20+10 = 15


Sgt. Shark is mind controlled! And Asad and Sea Devil are suddenly looking mighty tasty! Supercape, I'll deny the immediate new Will Save by Invoking Sgt. Shark's Bloodlust complication, so you get a HP. Feel free to attack as you want! Sgt. Shark is compelled to attack the others to keep them away from the light.


And let's go with the previous init rolls, to avoid rolling again already.


24 - Sgt. Shark - 2 HP - Undamaged

15 - Asad - 3 HP - Undamaged

13 - Sea Devil - 1 HP - Undamaged

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