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Strength of Arms (IC)


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After one of the Khanate soldiers rather bafflingly missed the enormous insectoid monstrosity in front of them, Giirok scoffed, or made a clicking noise that was as close to scoffing as possible for his anatomy as he unsheathed his wings to lift his body off the ground, and flew at the soldier that fired at him. He readied his mace as he struck the enemy soldier right in the chest, launching him off his feet and carrying him off the ground for a few moments before ultimately sending him flying right into the wall, knocking him out instantly and leaving a cracked depression in said wall. After the General landed and sheathed his wings, and he began to circle the Khanate soldiers in an attempt to flank them and trap them between himself and his newfound Boran associates and prevent any cowards among the Khanates from escaping. He then readied his mace and axe as he cracked the "knuckles" of his lower arms.

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Giirok's powerful blow sent one of the Khanate soldiers flying backward to slam into a wall and slump to the ground unconscious. The remaining Khanate soldiers seemed somewhat more hesitant about the situation, as they tried to back away from Giirok and Vannox, keeping their weapons leveled at the escapees and their rescuers.


Barrox leveled his large energy weapon at another of the Khanate soldiers, firing a powerful blast that knocked the withdrawing solider off his feet and to the ground. "We cannot let them delay us too long or they will be able to bring up larger numbers and more powerful weapons!" He called out as he moved slightly away from the hole in the arena wall.


The other various aliens that had accompanied Barrox continued firing at the Khanate soldiers, but this time proved rather ineffectual, with only one managing to hit one his target, only to have the energy beam absorbed by the soldiers’ armor. Vannox rushed forward after the withdrawing soldiers, downing another with his glaive.


Only two Khanate soldiers remained on their feet, appearing almost near panic, causing both to miss their shots when they fired at Vannox and Giirok. With that last ineffective attack, the two remaining Khanate soldiers turned and began to run.

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When the Andromedan saw the Khanate soldiers fleeing for their lives, possibly to get reinforcements, he couldn't help but think the Khanate reputation of bravery in battle was nothing but a joke, a pretension. "HA! THINK-*KIK* YOU CAN RUN FROM ME, COWARDS!? ME?!?As the two remaining Khanate soldiers turned tail and began to flee, General Giirok extended his wings to catch up to them, and just as he closed the distance, he took out both his swords and swung one of them diagonally across the back, then swung downwards from the shoulder to the lower calf with the other sword, disabling one of the Khanate soldiers. Almost immediately after, he landed right in front of the remaining Khanate soldier and shrieked at him threateningly as the General loomed over the soldier, raising all four of his weapons, and blocking the soldier's way out, giving his Boran allies enough time to take the last one out to prevent him from getting help.

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A pair of the aliens accompanying Barrox open fire on the Khanate solider that Giirok trapped, taking him down. As sound of energy weapons faded and the smoke and dust that had filled the tunnels began to clear, Barrox hefted his weapon and called out. "We need to move, there will be more coming and eventually they will overwhelm us."


With that the large Boran started off down one direction in the tunnel, those that had come with him to free Vannox following afterward.

Vannox looked over toward Giirok. "Come my friend, there will be more opportunity to seek vengeance on Khanate soldiers on our own terms." He then started off down the tunnel after the others.

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