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It was a good line, and a better entrance. 


The Warehouse had about a dozen guards in it, and half of them were armed with what looked like energy weapons. The stolen Daka-infused carbines that the Scarab had located in Egypt. 


They spun around as Comrade Frost landed, but did not fire. Not yet. 


The warehouse had the same crates, and Frost coud see some new steel reinforced and locked boxes, with Arabic ink labels. Presumably the valuable weapons. The Hornet would have enough to make, if not a small army, then a large weaponised group of street thugs. 


In the centre of the Warehouse, there was a little clearing with tables and computers, each linked to the security system cameras outside. And in the centre, the Hornet himself. In his green armour, with his yellow eyes, with that tall and gangly but certainly powerful frame. 


"So! Comrade Frost! We meet again!"


He had no moustache to twirl, but he had a good melodramatic voice. 


"Thank you so much for disposing of Dr Sin for me. I would have preferred his corpse, but I am sure Blackstone will do fine...for now!"

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Tsunami noted that Comrade Frost did not appear interested in taking a patient approach to investigating the scene.  While the Asian young woman could understand the feeling of urgency associated with locating the weapons, she still felt a bit of caution might have been appropriate.


But, now was not the time to debate that, so while Comrade Frost moved in to make a dramatic entrance, Tsunami moved into the shadows and made her way towards the fence.  Soon she was past the first obstacle, and making her way over towards the warehouse, doing her best to avoid any lite areas. 

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"Oh, have we met?" inquired Frost sociably. "Your pardon, sir, I meet many people in my line of work." He waved to the Hornet, looking over his men with an interested eye. "I am actually here on matter of important business." He walked over to the containers, the temperature in the room dropping as he went, and placed his hand on one of the Arabic-labeled crates. As he did so, a thin patina of ice began to spread over its surface. "What is it English poet said? 'Mankind should have been my business'? Very well then. What do you do here?" 

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The Scarab III

Kamala has no skill in sneaking around, but she did have a solution. Generating a stable gravitic field it wouldn’t take much more effort to alter it to wrap light around her, making her invisible to the naked eye.


Hopefully now able to pass unseen she made her way to the roof, slower than normal so not to tax her systems, to the roof where she had noticed earlier they’d had a security system set up. Using her suit she set about disabling the entire system, hopefully allowing Tsunami to get inside unnoticed.

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The Scarab blurred out of view, and on the roof she could easily disable the security camera's and alarms. 


Tsunami was not seen - or at least appeared not to be seen. With the security systems off line, she could enter without difficulty. She kept to the shadows, under cover of the crates, and was afforded an excellent view of the proceedings. 


"We have indeed met, Mister Frost" said the Hornet, circling slowly, his jade crystal armour glinting somewhat. "In different times, when Dr Sin was master. Now, it is I who am master. I actually think I may have you to think for that, thanks to my little tip off" he smiled. 


"I appreciate your kindness in dropping in" he said, dripping acid in his voice. "But my business is now my business. Not yours. I suppose your giant is not far behind, and that tall woman. I doubt even you would be so bold as to interfere with my business alone" he concluded. 


But he could not see either Tsunami or the Scarab. 


"This is Hong Kong, not Russia. Nor Freedom City, come to that. And here, I am the King. Perhaps then, I should be asking what your business is, rather than you asking mine?"

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