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I Want My Tears Back OOC

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And now... Intimidate back at ya! 1d20+25 = 44

There is something super natural about the intimidation in effect, it is not just her personal presence or something like that.


Will Lament be cowed!? Or will the Void strike!?

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Free action: Activate Void Betwixt' power, giving him partial concealment to all senses. Everything helps (including that miss chance!)


Move action: Feint at -5 penalty: Feint: 1d20+14 22


Standard action: Attack unshifted with Void skin array activated (the partial aura fatigue power) Fatigue attack: 1d20+10 21 which, if it hits, is a DC 20 Fort Save vs Fatigue power. 

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Sense Motive vs. Feint: 1d20+12 = 17

HOWEVER, she has Uncanny Dodge [Visual], so I'll roll vs. partial concealment to see if she can see you well enough to keep her Uncanny Dodge: 1d20 = 20

Uncanny Dodge does NOT apply, and you hit.

Fortitude save: 1d20+12 = 16. Fail! She is fatigued!


Grendel's Mother tries to attack back, flailing wildly. 1d20+12-1 = 16, so that's a miss. 

Lament is up.


19 - Lament - 1HP - Unharmed

10 - Grendel's Mother - Fatigued

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The Joy of Fatigue. 


Wait...lets try that again! :)


Feint as move: 1d20+14 15 well the feint may not work! (incidentally, uncanny dodge does not work against feints, only surprise)


And a Fatigue attack Fatigue attack: 1d20+10 13


even with her fatigue defence penalty, I suspect that will miss!

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Reflex Save: 1d20+10 22 just made the reflex save. Tough Save: 1d20+12 22 and just made the toughness save!


Standard action: Breathe out a suffocation cloud. Lets see how she likes that! Which does mean switching the void array to Void inside, gaining suffocation immunity. The cloud effect is area suffocate 5


As a move action he will back off, out of melee range, say 20 feet. 



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Sadly, Grendel's Mother appears to be IMMUNE!


She follows him with a leap, landing to rake at Lament with her claws: 1d20+12 = 24

I do believe that is a hit. DC27 Toughness save! And a Penetrating 5 effect, if that matters.

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Tough Save: 1d20+12 31 Good golly whats her PL! (Also, you may be forgetting fatigue penalty on attack rolls?)


Well, if she is immune, back to fatigue!


Move action: Feint Feint: 1d20+14 16 not good, but a small chance of success I guess. 


Fatigue attack: 1d20+10 27 I really hope that hits, and would be a DC 25 Fort Save vs fatigue. 



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Y'know, I did forget that! Still, 23 should be a hit. And the Toughness DC would've only been 26, in that case. Still, you beat it anyway! As for PL, not telling. You don't just get to take down mythological monsters in one hit. ;)


Sense Motive vs. Feint: 1d20+12 = 23


And that is indeed a hit! Fortitude Save: 1d20+12 = 30 She's still standing!


Trying to hit you with the claws again: 1d20+11 = 25

Another hit! DC26 Toughness Save, Penetrating 5.


19 - Lament - 1HP - Unharmed

10 - Grendel's Mother - Fatigued


Make a Notice check. If you beat DC22, look at the spoiler

The raven is back. Maybe it can turn the tide?

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There's a chance of another notice check! DC22, still. Same spoiler as last time.


She attempts to punch you: 1d20+11 = 12 And a miss, you're up. She stays close.


19 - Lament - 1HP - Bruise (x1), Injury (x1), Dazed (ends on your turn)

10 - Grendel's Mother - Fatigued

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Notice: 1d20+12 27


Free action: Speak to Raven!

Free action: Activate Partial Concealment

Move Action: Feint Feint: 1d20+14 30

Standard Action: Shifting Power Attack +2 DC / -2 Attack Fatigue Fatigue attack: 1d20+8 19

Lets hope that mighty feint works. Her defence penalty from fatigue might help. If it does hit, then a DC 22 Fort Save vs Fatigue!


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Sense motive vs. Feint: 1d20+12 = 27



And the Raven does its thing, though you would have hit anyway! 


Fortitude: 1d20+12 = 16! Grendel's Mother is now exhausted, but still standing.


She is stumbling now, about to pass out and tries to hit Lament with her claws: 1d20+9 = 21

And rolling to see if partial concealment gest you off the hook: 1d20 = 7

That's a hit, so DC24 Toughness Save, Penetrating 5.


And you're up.


19 - Lament - 1HP - Bruise (x1), Injury (x1)

10 - Grendel's Mother - Exhausted

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Tough Save: 1d20+11 26 nice. 


If it worked before, it may work again. 


Move action: Feint Feint: 1d20+14 33

Standard action: Fatigue again shifting +2 DC, -2 Attack Fatigue attack: 1d20+8 20


I have a feeling that may hit, and if so a DC 22 Fort Save!

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