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Southside Hunting Grounds


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December 7th, 2018

11:30 PM

Southside, Freedom City


There were those who slept soundly at night. There were those who spent the Friday night partying. And there were those that hunted. And there were those that were hunted.


Duab had been hearing rumors about Southside lately. Men, women and children, taken in the night. Taken from the streets, taken from their homes. It had not been enough to reach any major news yet. After all, it was mostly poor families that were targeted. Perhaps the abducters was connected to the ones that had taken Duab's family. Perhaps they were not. In any case, this was something that might draw Duab's attention.


The snow fell silently, masking the injustice that was happening in the night. Who would be the next target? What family would be torn apart next? Or would a blind huntsman step in to save the day?

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