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Monorail Madness (OOC)

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Ok, so these idiots are PL 2, and frankly Gauss could take them down hand to hand (maybe taking a bruise or two at worst), so feel free to narrate however you want to teach them a lesson. The key is whether she openly uses her powers to do so. There will be no problems doing so, its just whether the one - armed man notices. 


If you want to pick up a cool scar from a lucky knife-swipe, or catch a bruise from a lucky punch, please feel free! However, any bruises or injuries you do get are moot, as this is the quick prologue and any "damage" you take will have healed by the main event. (Although of course you may want a momento scar!)

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For the delay caused by changing costume (super secret ID) and not quite catching up before stuff...(a combination of GM fiat and complictaion, if you will), awarding an HP. 


Gauss - 4 HP - Unharmed

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