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Of course it was Kidd. 


The bodyguard was hurt and bleeding. He was a bad guy, working for Blowfish, but still, there was no reason for anything like that. If only the Wall hadn't stomped all over the plan trying to get at Blowfish, if only Kidd had actually been trustworthy, if only Robin had actually thought this all through. If, if, if... Was she really that bad at all this? Every plan she had made here was starting to blow up in her face. She couldn't let that guy die, even he was a bad guy. And Kidd was proving to be just as bad, the way he was threatening Jackson now. 


What was she going to do? He was waving his shotgun around like it was a toy. She had to do something. Take the shot? That bodyguard had completely missed him even up close. No, talk it through. Get a moment to think. And the Wall was coming up behind her, maybe use him, somehow...


"Kidd! Drop the gun or I drop you! RIGHT NOW!" There was some panic in her voice. Nobody dies. She had to stick to that. Nobody dies.

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Kidd spun the shotgun to Justice. 


"Drop this?" he smiled, showing his white teeth that shone through his stubbly beard. 


"Jackson, you little turd, what do you think?" he said, keeping his eyes and gun on Justice. 


"I...er....I think I'm in over my head..." gasped Jackson. He looked ready to flee, and he was the only thing stopping Kidd exacting his own special brand of policing. The Wall, coming up below, was more than happy to crush Blowfish whoever was watching. Arguably, the Wall actually wanted the audience. 


"Ill pay! Whatever you want!" gasped Blowfish, beginning to panic.


"Now your talking!" said Kidd, taking his gun of Justice. "Attempting to bribe a Police Officer. And on camera too. Now you know I couldn't possibly take a bribe. What kind of fool officer would take a bribe on camera?" he said, giving Blowfish a knowing look. 


The Wall was less than seconds away now...

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The Wall was coming in from behind. She could hear him. Ball or just a guy, he was big, and he was loud. He wasn't about to sneak up on her. Robin had to get ready, had to time this just right. If he got too close, he'd get his hands on her. Too far way, she'd miss. And Kidd was big trouble. 


"Jackson. Do not give Kidd any excuse. Just keep filming. He's going down just as hard as Blowfish and the Wall if he tries anything."


She was in over her head, Robin knew that. The Wall coming in from behind, Kidd standing in front of her. Blowfish about ready to give up, at least. The Wall was coming in fast. The seconds felt like hours. She couldn't take her eyes off Kidd for too long. And man, did she ever need to figure out what cops to trust. Needed to find someone she could trust, for once. So far, everyone she had teamed up with for just a moment had turned on her.


The Wall was coming up behind her.


Engines on. Full power.


Spinning around the moment he was close enough, Justice raised swung her right leg straight towards the side of the Wall's face. He was tough. No holding back. If he went down, she would spin around into a standing position, gun aimed at Kidd once more. If not, quickly back away from him, making sure to keep an eye on both him and Kidd still.

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"Keep filming? Oh...right! Keep filming, OF COURSE!" mumbled Jackson, coming to his senses. He was probably in danger if he continued filming. He was probably in danger if he kept filming. So that was equal. Might as make the most of it!




"NAY.,..THE DECA..." he continued, building momentum before Kidd gave him a look. 






And Jackson shut up. But kept filming. 


The Wall took a step back as the Justice Kick hit him. But he gritted his teeth and swayed back, throwing a lazy but powerful hook at Justice. Strong it was, but he was off balance and tired, and Justice was neither of those things...

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How was the Wall even standing after another hit like that? Just what was the guy made of? At least Jackson was still filming. Sure, he'd be in danger from Kidd, but she was pretty sure that Kidd didn't want to risk being spotted actually hurting Jackson on television. That was bound to be bad for whatever glory he wanted to grab from this little failure of a mission.


Robin could at least duck under the Wall's punch. The engines still going at full power, and she was up close already, so no reason to try for shooting him. Another kick, aimed at his legs. Maybe get him to fall, then take him out?

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The Wall stumbled back out of the kick. More by luck than judgement, he fell into a half constructed wall that bent buckled and shattered under his weight. He grunted this time. More than gritted teeth. He grunted. The fight was taking its toll on even his extraordinary physical power. 


But he didn't stop. He got up, spraying masonry dust around him. His face was covered in the dust. He couldn't see for a moment, but that didn't stop him reaching out. Fast. Faster than a man of his size should be, but at least Justice could be assured that whilst the Wall had superhuman strength, he was not superhumanly fast either. He knew how to fight, but was no expert. Coughing and blowing away the last dust, he had missed his target. 


Up close, Justice could see his sweat. She could almost feel his burning lungs. He had climbed those stairs not once, nor twice, but three times now. He was tired. 

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C'mon, just a bit more. Just get a hit in, just hit the right spot and let the Wall finally go down. The way he came running at her, Robin would probably have panicked if this had been just a month ago. Sweat dripping off him, his breath labored. He was getting tired, whether he could turn into a ball or not. He was absolutely covered in dust now, and that just had to piss him off even more. 


The engines were starting to get hot on her legs, but she had to keep going. And remember to put in something that could protect against that. It didn't hurt or anything, Robin doubted it would cause her any kind of damage, but it wouldn't be great in the long run. Not that she had expected to hav the engines running for more than quick kicks, but it seemed that wouldn't be enough.


"Why don't you just fall down already!?" she shouted, aiming another powered kick straight at the Wall's chest. The moment it connected, she followed up, pushing off the ground with her other foot and delivered a kick to the side of the Wall's face, before landing on both feet again. 


He was still standing. Just what would it take to stop him?

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This time the Wall fell to one knee, head bowed. He wheezed, and he let out a scream that he only half choked. He was hurt, and he showed it. 


"What happens when a Wall falls?" he said, bitterly, on his knees. "The people are left undefended. Why do you think I keep going? Because I have too...."


He got to his feet, slowly, laboured. 


"I can't stop. Even if I can't beat you. I can't stop. You are going to have to stop me. Like I'm going to stop the Wall. Don't you get it? Some people won't stop. Not ever. They get stopped, or they keep going. Like me. Like Blowfish. Like you...."


"What are you waiting for? Finish him!" encouraged Kidd. 


"Finish him for good!" added Blowfish. 


Kidd swung his shotgun around to stick in Blowfish's mouth. "You. Stay out of this. You don't get a say in what goes down here. Game's over, Blowfish..."


The tic was worse than ever. But then, Blowfish had a shotgun barrel slammed against his mouth. 

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