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Fright Night at Claremont (IC)

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Claremont Academy

October 31 2018

10:13 PM


Halloween was almost always hectic night for the heroes of Freedom City, with all kinds of occult madness happening all over the city. Most of Claremont's faculty was off campus dealing with it right this moment. The same used to be true for a lot of Claremont's students but since Headmistress Summer's crackdown on late night teen superheroing most students were spending All Hallow's Eve having parties off campus. 


Sam Thorn knew all this. In fact, it was one of the reasons why he and the rest of the other students that made up the Hidden Convenant decided to have the ritual tonight. It made sense at the time. The school would be mostly deserted, the wards would weakened without the teachers being around to bolster them, and Halloween was just altogether a great day for late-night summoning.


As Sam ran down down an another empty hallway, his hands filled with an ancient tome that felt so heavy in them, and looked for someone, anyone, that could help him he tried to remember that things weren't supposed to be this way. He wasn't supposed to covered in sot and other things we didn't want to even think about. He wasn't supposed to be alone and scared out of his mind. And he was supposed to feel like some presence was getting closer and closer to him no matter how much he ran. 


"It wasn't supposed to be this way. It wasn't supposed to be this way. It wasn't supposed to be this way..." He kept repeating those words over and over again as he ran. Maybe if said them enough times everything would go back to normal. 


When he finally spotted a rec room with a light on it Sam immediately barged right in there huffing and coughing as he entered. He didn't know the people in the room but that didn't matter. He needed their help if he was going to save his friends and his soul. 


"Please! Oh God, please help me!" 

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Selena lounged back into one of the comfier chairs in the rec room, her vest from her gender-flipped Han Solo costume tossed over the back and her boots resting on the beat up coffee table she had grabbed off the curb the previous spring.  "Cheesy horror movies, abundant junk food, and I got the number of that cute girl in the Liliana Vess costume, all and all, I declare tonight a resounding success," she sighed contentedly.


"Nicole, I have an idea I'd like to bounce off you for the team," she said a minute later after digging her phone from her pocket and swiping through a few screens.  She was about to go when the door burst open revealing a terrified young man holding a book straight out of a dark wizard's library.

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Halloween was interesting. The students at Claremont regularly dressed up in their costumes, uniforms and for parties and what have you, and yet, this day of Halloween seemed to have a special significance for dressing up. You dressed up differently for Halloween. It was brilliant. He had elected to go for the obvious, with a bright green Peter Pan costume. It was his first Halloween, and he did have that weird connection, anyway.


Pan had spent some time out, but now he was back in the rec room with some of the other students. He was floating around near the ceiling. He had found this book with scary stories. Apparently, Halloween seemed to be about being scary, even if few of the other students actually seemed scared. At least not until a student burst in, asking for help. Looking up from his book, Pan couldn't suppress his smile. This sounded like an adventure.


"You're... Sam, right? What's wrong?" He hadn't really talked with Sam before. Was this his usual way of acting? Probably not, but still, Claremont had some strange students. Pan himself included.

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Nicole raised her phone higher than her head and she leaned back on her wheelchair to look up at it. Halloween was pretty okay. She had on a witch's dress, all black and tattered decoratively at the hem. She had sitting on her lap her witch's pointy hat and her wheelchair was decorated with skulls and cobwebs,  and glowing vials of liquid hanging from the sides.


Slugishly, she swiped through Selena's ideas. There was merit there. Aja and Kam's acrobatics with Liz's magic. Mobility like nobody's business and used properly then no one was going to lay a hand on them.


Then the door slammed open and Nicole was jolted out of her late night reverie. It was Sam Thorn and, from what Nicole knew, he was jumpier than a cat in water. But this was jumpier than that and his clothes were filthy.


Nicole's gaze fell to the ancient tome in his hands. She's seen many tomes like that in her studies and search for magic. Never liked reading them. But then she remembered tonight's date and things started slowly falling into place.




Sue her. She was sleepy.

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Lulu enjoyed Halloween; back home in Columbia, there was an annual haunted house called 'Columbia Manor' which, though small, packed a lot of spooky fun into its tiny lot. Maybe some day if she became a famous hero, she could could go back home and use her powers to add a few scares.


But for now, she was content to dangle her legs over the arm of a sofa as she savored another mouthful of Reese's Pieces, her all-time favorite candy. She was dressed as Ginny Weasley, complete with Hogwarts robe, Gryffindor tie and an ash wand, which she used to trace glowing 'magical symbols' in the air.


Then Sam Thorm burst into the room, and she nearly choked on her peanut butter candy as she suddenly sat up to see  what waa going on. 


"Everythin' okay there, Sam?"

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Sam almost collapsed onto the rec room's floor when he saw not one but four other students there. Sam didn't know any of them personally, only recognizing them from the halls and word of mouth. He was a freshmen after all and was part of the lesser known, and respected, teams. Still, he at least knew Salvo by her reputation in Claremont's magical community, and knew that she'd be at least able to someone understand his predicament.


He almost couldn't believe his luck. In fact, a part of him didn't and wondered whether this was an illusion created by the thing he and his friends had brought forth, but he decided to cling on to hope. 


The freshmen steadied himself and tried to speak more calmly. "I'm...I'm Sam Thorn. You guys might know me as Kid Warlock. I'm part of the Indigo Team." Sam stopped and shook his head. In what way did his superhero name and team affiliation matter right now? He was wasting precious time and every second lost gave that fiend more time to find him. "Look, me and my friends messed major tonight. We performed a ritual and tried to summon, well, we tried to..."


Sam looked around the rec room and suddenly became very aware of the fact that besides Forever Boy and himself everyone else in the room was a girl. His face immediately went red with embarrassment and shame. "We tried to summon a succubus because were pathetic losers and we used this book to do it, ok!" There, he said it, not that it made feel any less gross. Sam hanged his head in shame. What the Hell were they thinking. He and the entire Hidden Covenant deserved to be punished for what they did. 


Yes, you do. You all do.


The young wizard jumped at the voice. What the Hell was that? He knew what it was but still felt compelled to ask himself question, as if his own ignorance could protect him. It was close to finding him. He had to speak fast. He looked towards Salvo and hoped that she wasn't too disgusted by him and would understand what had happened to him and his friends. "Me and the other guys on Indigo Team, we call ourselves the Hidden Covenant by the way, are all magic-users. We knew that if we wanted to summon the succubus we would need to do it tonight when most of the school's sorcerers would be off-campus, so the wards would be weaker. We thought we did everything right, but something happened and we summoned a uncontrollable demon that..."  


And now you, nor these children, can undo me, boy. 


Sam felt the heat again. He started to rush his words in a panic. "We did it in one of the sub-basements in the underbelly," he managed to grunt out as the heat became more intense in his throat and chest. "There's...there's a map of how to get there in the book."


Yes. Bring them to me so that I can add them to my growing collection, boy.


The heat, no fire, was overwhelming now and Sam swore that his very soul was aflame. He had to tell them soon before it was to late. "I think...ARGH... You can reverse the summoning and banish the demon back to Hell if you...ARGH... the book has the answers to..." Sam said no more after that. He did scream though. And it was a nightmarish scream at that. 


When the screaming ended the thing that now wore Sam's body through away the book in its hands contemptuously. Its nails had become claws, its teeth were a jagged mess of fangs, and its eyes were a bloodshot and red-orange. When it spoke it its voice echoed within the rec room like a howling wind that made the ceiling lights flicker. "You all belong to my master now, mortals. Join your friend in eternal service to Baal, the great and powerful! JOIN US! JOIN US!

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Well, that was just disgusting. They tried to summon a succubus. Even on Neverworld, there were those that tried to speak with demons, and it appeared that they had the same names as here. Pan's face clearly showed his disgust, the previously friendly smile shifting into a frown. It was bad enough to seek the counsel of demons, but the reasons! The reasons just made it even worse! What kind of horny fool would risk just not his own life, but the life of his friends!? 


Pan was actively fuming, about to rip into Sam, when the young would-be succubus lover screamed. It was an inhuman scream, a nightmarish scream. And then it was not Sam anymore, was it? It looked like him, but it was just something that wore him, like one would wear a shirt a few sizes too small. 


The lights flickered. Pan's friends was in danger, but Sam had made it quite clear that they needed the book that the Sam-thing now grasped in its clawed fingers! There were but one choice, if he were to keep the book safe! Pixie Dust gathered around the creature that was once a horny would-be demon lover, preparing to turn solid and catch it in glowing bands, if he could catch it unaware. Sadly, the Sam-thing was quicker than he had hoped. Noticing Pan's attempt at capture, it jumped straight up to the ceiling. If Pan had to compare, it looked almost like a frightened cat.


If they got Sam out of this, Pan would have a few choice words for him.

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As Sam continued to tell his story Nicole's hackles rose. Her fingers rubbing through her hair as the story unfolded and she understood more of where Sam would be getting at. There was stupid and there was hubris. There was being a thirsty AF boy. There was being a loser. Then there was all four combined and now Sam was just running for his life while the rest of the hacks at the Hidden Covenant were what?


They didn't even have the competence to summon the succubus right! Sam better not be here just to beg them to clean up their mess.


"You what?" Nicole shouted, incredulous that they somehow managed to screw up as badly as she feared they did. "You are losers! Stupid stupid losers! You mess up this badly and now, what? Come begging for mommy to kiss your boo-boo?"


Nicole drove up to Sam to snatch the tome out of his hand when Sam's scream stopped her. Then what stood in front of her wasn't Sam anymore and when it spoke in its unearthly voice the lights flickered. Nicole could feel its gaze fall upon her and she squeaked, eyes wide. She was practically face-to-face with it. Her hand groped for the joystick and rammed her wheelchair in reverse to get the hell out as fast as she could.




She drove past Pan as the sophomore threw his Pixie Dust at the possessed Sam. She drove past Selena and Lulu, ready to throw down, and she kept on driving backwards out the common room and around the dark corridor until she bumped into something hard, stopping her wheelchair in its tracks.


She looked up to see Bellios behind her. Inert. Waiting.


Her hands reached out to pull herself up.

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"Sam, you grade A moron," she muttered as her classmate recounted his tale.  It had taken her less than a week in this school to understand that anything magical should either be left alone, guarded while a teacher is sent for, or sometimes burned on the spot.

As Pan tried to bind the creature Sam unwittingly allowed to wear him like a brand new Edgar Suit and her team's heaviest hitter wheeled herself backwards to get into her gear, Selena watched the book sail away.  Thinking quickly, she called on her power and abusing the Lenz Effect, created a magnetic field strong enough to push the silver accents on the cover and spine away from the field and towards the non-possessed teens.  Grabbing the book she took to the air taunted, "Sorry, I'm more likely to sign up with Slaanesh..."

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Lulu's feelings towards Sam rapidly shifted from concern to disgust and finally to abject fear; what had these horny idiots brought into the world? Could they even save him at this point? Bit of course, they had to try.


At first, the young telepath worried that her powers might not be of any use in this situation; she racked her brain, trying to remember any scrap of knowledge about how psychic powers interacted with the infernal. As far as she could recall, they should work, but she had to be careful to avoid creating an open link between herself and the demon.


Unconsciously still in character, she raised her wand and levelled it at the poor boy as she shouted out, "Get out of his head!" Then she fired a psychic blast into Sam's mind.

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