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The Red Will Rise

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Cool. Since Super Breath is a Power Feat for Super-Strength I'm going go ahead an assume that Thursday's power ranks in it are five, sooooooooo...


Move Action: Thursday's first going to try and move out of range of the Nauseate for Corinne's sake. 

Standard Action: Power Check: Super-Breath vs Obscure: 1d20+5 19

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Yanno, I am gonna give it to you as the stuff is dissipating.

So it will cancel both Nauseate and Obscure.

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The Obscure effect was cancelled
Black Mamba grabbed a woman and went through the window, which allowed the gas to be blown out.
Red Death is up active.
the one baddie female, Ren is on the ground.
Six Shooter has entered the gallery but was snared by Salvo
the crowd is all gasping and gagging, under the effect of the Nauseate.


29 White Lioness 1 HP

24 Ren  Bruised

20 Red Death

14 SixShooter - Snared

13 Black Mamba 0 HP

12 Lady Liberty 1HP

11 Salvo 4 HP

8 Ahkona
7 Ms. Thursday 2HP Has Corinne

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Tou: 1d20+10 24


She takes a bruise.

And attacks WL

Attack: 1d20+10 21

So that's a miss


Ren pops back up, and attacks Thursday.
Attack: 1d20+10 13



Six Shooter will start working on freeing himself

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Alright, so:

Nauseate is cleared up from last round thanks to the HP I spent:

Move Action: Jump towards Six-Shooter with Leaping

Standard Action: Unarmed Attack, shifting +2 Damage : Unarmed Attack: 1d20+11 25


I imagine that hits, so that'd be a DC24 Toughness Save



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