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The Red Will Rise

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29 White Lioness 1 HP

24 Ren  Bruised

20 Red Death

14 SixShooter

13 Black Mamba 1 HP

12 Lady Liberty 2HP

11 Salvo 4 HP

8 Ahkona
7 Ms. Thursday 2HP Has Corinne

Field Affects:
Visual/Olfactory Obscure.


Edit:  because this has come up:
Baddies are PL10

Red and Ren have no Trade Offs.
Six has +2 Def, and -2 Tou

Back to start, which means White Lion and @Tiff

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Yes, she can identify them more or less by Sound.  So they wont count as obscured, and the one she tripped didn't really move so she is still within range.

Other villains are not in range so she'd have to move and then it would be a problem as she can't freely see the art work in the middle section of this gallery, given the rest of the people are freaking out man, but they are trying to get to the exists, and have largely abandoned the middle.

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Ren is Out.  Red is going to use an AOE Nauseate.


Fort Saves for everyone.  Except Mamba and Salvo, or anyone who has an immunity.

Six Shooter is gonna do a Focused Blast on him, with increased Knockback.

Blast + Knockback: 1d20+10 25

Should hit.  Tou DC 20 check.


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You are up.  And without HPs.

Six Shooter did a 30 foot move into the cloud. away from the rest room.  You can give chase towards him, and Akhona...


You know what?  Complication time!

Your wife is in a cloud that Obscures visual, and she hasn't communicated to you since that jerk started shooting at you!  Save her!

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Fair enough! I shall be ignoring all bad guys to get to her shortly!


Is there a way that Mamba can get her out easily? An entrance or window he can fly out of if need be?


Something dramatic like a skylight would be just fine :D

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Excellent, I'm happy with you saying how many rounds I'm gone 'rescuing' Akhona...and AR Industries will pay for the Skylight of course.

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Just moving towards the exit because I can only do a move action. Gonna roll for the Fort here so I don't forget it next turn:

Fortitude: 1d20+6 9 Yeah, nope, it continues then

Actually gonna spend a HP on maybe fixing this:

Fortitude: 1d20+6 24


So she's fine next turn


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I'm assuming that Thursday can't see the Red Death through the Obscure. 


If that's the case is it possible for her to use Super Breath to blow the gas out of the room through the broken skylight?

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Akhona is going to be busy hacking the computer systems and removing images of the girls normal identities but is not necessary for her to post now. It's a long term passive thing :D

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She cannot, but can make a search check to try and locate her
Thursday also has a hold of Corinne.
She certainly can use her her super breath with out issue, though this would effectively be a Nullify.  So it would be a power check.

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