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The Red Will Rise

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I apologize for the confusion.
The Woman And the Guy with the Guns are both PL10


@Zeitgeist Blue


Villain that target's wealthy people using gasses and chemical weapons.

Like say the daughter of one of the Richest people in FC.


Gather Info will work to get the same.

Also you can reroll.


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@Zeitgeist Blue @Tarrakhash @Cubismo @olopi @Tiff


ZD:  Giving Salvo an HP for basically losing this initial round.

Considerations to all of this and refresher.  There is a dude blasting a bathroom loudly.
Corinne has been grabbed, and Red Death has aimed her gas guns.

It is bright, everyone is visible, so do you want to retain your secrecy?  If you eat the turn you too can get another HP.



29 White Lioness 2 HP

24 Ren

20 Red Death

14 SixShooter

13 Black Mamba 2HP

12 Lady Liberty 2HP

11 Salvo 4 HP

8 Ahkona
7 Ms. Thursday 3HP


Edit:  because this has come up:
Baddies are PL10

Red and Ren have no Trade Offs.
Six has +2 Def, and -2 Tou

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Yes and Tiff is terrible, will try to post the weekend sorry everyone!

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Dex: 1d20+5 24


Technically, she has a higher acrobatics check, but she is carrying, and I forgot, so she goes Prone, and dumps Corinne on the ground, hard.

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Move this along a little bit more.

Ren will be standing and picking up Corinne again.
Red Death will be spraying out a Cloud Obscure to fill the room.

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