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Dark Red Tide [OOC]

Portia Labiata

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Since no one is really looking for invisible men, you don't need to roll stealth. However, it is up to you two whether you detect each other, and you may choose to contest stealth vs notice, if you so desire.



@Tiffany Korta


Since I haven't been on this site long, I don't know if Pan, Delta, Bee, or Queenie have ever met each other. Unless someone says otherwise, I'm going to operate under the assumption that Queenie is at least recognizable as a hero, but no one has actually met before.

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In succession:


There are no corpses, visible to the naked eye or detectable via radar


It's not terribly cloudy, but you certainly cannot see the back of the tanks. You estimate you can see pretty clearly about 5 - 10 feet into the tank, and have an obstructed view from about 10-20 feet into the tank. The Dartfish is right up there, right next to the glass.


The overall obfuscation is similar to that of dropping food coloring into water, if that helps. It's foggy, but ultimately translucent.

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