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Enough to pay for the Coffin (OOC)

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OOC for this thread


Feel free to have Strix already know the kid or even all the kids.  Or whatever else drew him to the docks!

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Strix was in a vampire-coma for five years with a stake through his heart, so back when he "died," this kid would've been in grade school. I took an alternate route. Also decided to experiment with some first-person narration.

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Alright scary vampire with an Untrained Acrobatics the car comes to a sudden but immediate stop.  Strix gets flung off the moving vehicle.  And regardless of whether he's gonna punch 'em or scare 'em let's get an initiative roll against these poor teenage minions!


But, an HP for the fact that I'm going to make him start from the Prone position with a +2 circumstance bonus on any initial Intimidate rolls from you know not dying from being flung off a moving vehicle.

Initiative: 4#1d20+2 15 21 18 22

Edited by HGM

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Hm.  While I will admit I forgot the Wall Crawling, I think I'm going to keep with the GM fiat to knocking him back a little.

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Initiative result edited to account for the rank of Improved Initiative he picked up in the last two months.


If possible, I'll take that circumstance bonus as a circumstance penalty on their Will saves against the Emotion Control (Fear) effect Strix is going to unleash upon them.


Move Action: Stand up.

Free Action: Shift the Vampiric Power array to the slot with the Emotion Control effect.

Standard Action: Use the Emotion Control effect and show them a glimpse of the Schattenwelt.


That's a DC18 Reflex save for anyone who has the presence of mind to look away from the sense-dependent perception-shaped AoE, and a DC18 Will save for anyone who doesn't (or who tried to look away but wasn't fast enough).


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