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The Kirby

November 10th, 1:30 PM


Corinne had passes to a private showing before the public launch.  Likely from her father.  It didn't matter, really, though.  As it was a show of modern Dakanan art, on a day the museum was normally closed, but for an exclusive viewing.  Of course, she wasn't the only one with passes.  

Other people had them and she had been a bit free with handing them out at Claremont, so even some people who weren't really friends with her got some.  Since Hannah left she felt a little... lost, and really just delved harder into the dancing.  Until the injury, and the setback.  But she didn't have much else.  And no roommate meant she had no impetus to reach out, apart from stuff for the Orange team.

Right now, she was standing there in front of a complicated mixed media sculpture, chewing thoughtfully as she took in the piece that dominated the room with it's abstract representation of... something.  She wasn't quite sure what.  But it seemed very insistent.


 She wore a pair of overalls, with her daisy adorned hat, and a big green sweatshirt on under the straps, and a pair of similarly green Doc Martens.  

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Ms. Thursday


Astrid buzzed around the exhibit staring at one piece of Dakanan art only to get distracted by another one that caught her eye. She was trying not to appear overly interested by everything there and in her assessment was failing horribly.


She didn't even know why she was putting on the pretense. She did take one of Connie's tickets after all, which more or less outed her as a nerd for this kind of stuff. The fact was Astrid always had thing for art-pieces, especially the ones that mixed the modern with the traditional, but rarely admitted to people she didn't trust. 


That said, she still felt outplace here. While many of the other visitors were wearing high-class chic Astrid had come in a red lettermen jacket, causal blue jeans, and a pair of blue Chuck Taylors. She had also wearing her backpack, which didn't exactly help her not look like some teenager on a field trip, but it allowed her to keep Porrklubba close in case something happened. 


Astrid didn't really think there was much chance of that happening though. Any kind of villain that would try to steal from an museum probably wasn't the kind that Astrid would have to worry that much about. 

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Corinne was not the only one with passes, and certainly not the only one with interest in Dakani art. On the contrary, Akhona Ross was Dakani and as such she had brought along John Ross her husband to look at the Dakani art. They were both dressed exquisitly, her in her traditional garb and he in a more typical tuxedo one that was clearly uncomfortable for the scarred, one eyed man. He was tugging at the collar as he kept trying to arrange himself so he kept all the people on the side of his face where his working eye was and he was always looking around uncomfortably before tugging at the collar again.


Akhona flowed along the ground, age added dignity and she had plenty of it as she looked at the various pieces talking to her husband in fluent Dakani about the various exhibits that he showed little to no interest in, unless they were weapons of course, sadly there were precious few of those.

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Monica had gotten one of the invites through her roommate, and at that point, it was just courtesy to head along. She didn’t care too much about modern art in general, but she’d gotten invited and backing out would’ve been weird, especially since Aja knew full well that Monica didn’t have much else to do until later on Saturdays.  


She showed up in an outfit that was quite fancy compared to her usual style, wearing an oversize black turtleneck and some jeans. She’d probably stand out less that way, and considering she’d already stand out somewhat due to her lack of interest, she didn’t really need to draw more attention to her.


She’d travelled to the museum together with Aja, and gotten somewhat overwhelmed with the size of the exhibition once they’d arrived, it had been bigger than she expected. “I’m just gonna tag along with you for a bit if you don’t mind.”

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White Lioness

Àjàṣorò wasn't going to bother with the gallery event, despite a personal invitation of both her schoolmate and the Dakana government. As much as she was proud of her country she was here to experience everything this country had to offer. But she had been trying to get her roommate out more and this felt like the perfect opportunity, when the time was right they could go do something more interesting afterwards, and there were some genuinely good pieces by some talented people being displayed here.


"Of cause, let me show you some of the better pieces on display."


Going arm in arm with Monica she steered them towards a young woman artist she was particularly fond of.

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Nicole had accompanied Ajasoro to the museum, having picked up an invitation from her classmate. Monica was there too and though Nicole had not interacted much with the moody Sophomore she did not mind their small group. She did not know much about art, and less about Dakanan art, so she stayed near Ajasoro as she toured them around the display. She kept one ear on her schoolmates as she looked around, sure that there was much to learn here about a nation still emerging.


"What kind of techniques do you think the artists use? They must have developed some weird things being as isolated as they were, right?" Nicole asked from beside Ajasoro.


They were inside a room with the theme of Dakanan myths revisited and modernized when, she spied Astrid across the room. Nicole couldn't help but snort at the sight of the hard rocking rocker looking like a kid on a field trip. Nicole took out her phone and snapped a quick photo, then sent it to Astrid through chat. Only then did she give her roommate a wave, catching the half-Asgardian's eye and loudly whispering to catch her attention. "Astrid, hey!"

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Corinne eventually pulled back from the statue.  She never really showed her artwork, there was sketches, and small paintings, until it was Zenith would had painted various things around Bayview, generally in very odd places that were not immediately noticeable.  The only person currently at Claremont who would know was Judy, who had spent some time in the mess that Corinne called a room.


Fingers gripped tight at the strap of her big purse as she moved along to the next piece, her eyes bright and wide.  A slight glow there, that might not be immediate noticeable as she was fairly well fascinated, even entranced by each piece.  So much that she didn't notice the woman who was standing next to her talking.  Corinne blinked, and with recalcitrance turned her head from less stylize sculpture and regarded the 40-something woman that has asked her something.  "Hm?"  Corinne asked the grey-streaked black haired woman with too intense green eyes.


"Ah, liking the exhibit?"  The woman repeated, a bit of chagrin on her face as she reached up and brushed at her pixie bob out of nervousness, or not knowing what to say after her initial question sailed paste the taller blonde.

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Astrid had been gazing at a beautifully master-crafted ceremonial Dakanan crystal spear and wondering whether how Porrklubba would measure up against it when her phone suddenly went off. She was half-attempted to just ignore and keep looking at the art in front of her but figured that she should probably see whether her little brother was the one calling her. It turned out that her roomie had finally made it to the museum and had sent her the exact image Astrid wanted to avoid. Astrid signed and rolled her eyes. Figures.


A second later she heard Nicole give her a hail. Astrid wanted to return the favor with a two finger salute but saw that Nicole was with Àjàṣorò and Monica and thought better of it. She didn't want to lump those two in the antics of her roomie since they seemed pretty cool from what little she knew about them. 


Astrid walked up to the fellow Claremont students and greeted Àjàṣorò and Monica with a "Sup," before going to Nicole. "Hey yourself. You know for a super-genius you can be pretty juvenile and I'm not sure if that makes you adorable or just an ass."

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"Excuse me?" Nicole said, her smile tightening into a thin line, brows furrowed. She wasn't expecting this... whatever this was from her roommate. Astrid did not look like she appreciated them showing up.


Nicole gave a questioning glance at Sara and Monica, hoping they'd have some insight, before she turned back to Astrid.


She held up a hand, tapping each point on one of her fingers. She started with her index. "First, I'm seventeen and older than you. I'm allowed to be juvenile." She rapped her middle finger. "Second, my smart's all natural." Ring. "Thirdly, what's gotten you up in a bunch? Don't like getting your picture taken or people dropping by in a museum? I didn't take you to be an art connoisseur."

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John and Akhona were walking through, Akhona busy looking at some particularly atrocious looking painting and John looking around seemingly bored when he spotted Àjàṣorò. He blinked, stopped and then breathed, she didn't know what he looked like out of his armor although he had met her when she had faked being a member of the Freedom league. Leaning in he whispered to Akhona,"That girl, she's dakani, she is the current White Lion....or Lioness."


Akhona didn't move, she was so much better at this kind of thing. Moving slowly she turned to link arms with John, moving him on to the next exhibit and giving her a clear look at Àjàṣorò,"I see...the family resemblance is strong." Akhona's own blood was from that of the Red Hyena and she couldn't help the little amount of spite that crept into her next words,"I wonder what made her worthy of the mantle so young?"


John gave her a look and she gave a little sniff and became very interested in the next exhibit. John looked back at the group of girls again, trying to figure out who the others were but that was hard enough with one eye never mind access to the suit he wore that was for now stored in the backpack he was carrying, his wife was amazing with nanotechnology.

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"What? No? I'm not angry that you're here." She gave a look to Àjàṣorò and Monica. "That any of you are. It's just... Ugh." So much turning a new leaf and not pissing people off. Astrid sighed and started to make her apology. "Look. I'm sorry if you think I was being snooty. This isn't exactly my scene and I'm a little self-conscious about looking out of place, which I kind of destroyed any chance of me doing by bringing my pack but whatever that's on me."  The demigoddess did a quick facepalm at that and shook her head. She had been in this museum for only a while now and she was already starting to regret bringing Porrklubba. 


"So yeah, I admit I overreacted about the pic and I'm sorry that I blew up at you."  Astrid was being as sincere as can be and she should have left it there but she couldn't help but half-seriously mention one more thing. 


"Wouldn't it make more sense for you to be less juvenile since you're older than me? Just saying." 

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It had lasted a total of maybe 20 seconds for Nicole to pull a Nicole. Monica wondered if that was a new record, before remembering that no, it really wasn’t. Even just considering moments she herself had visited, this one actually was about middle-of-the-road.


Then again, maybe that was part between those two’s dynamic? They were roommates after all, and Monica had heard weirder stories. “Hey.” Monica replied with a fairly neutral tone. “Didn’t take anybody in here for an art connoisseur, so no surprise on that front. “


The adult couple walking around the exhibition did intrigue Monica somewhat. This was a private showing, wasn’t it? Had other people than Corinne been invited? It had to be considering they were there, if so, who else was currently walking around? In a feat of paranoia, she’d managed to catch them talking about something that referred to her and the others, probably. Maybe they’d realized who she was?  


With Astrid and Nicole bickering, Monica could’ve taken the opportunity to lean in and let Aja know, but really, if it was anything worth keeping an eye on, Aja had probably figured it out way earlier. So, she attempted to maybe get everybody talking about something that wasn’t their maturity.


“You got here earlier, anything worth checking out?”

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The White Lioness
“We might be isolated the outside world from our country, but that doesn’t mean we ignore it completely. We have the internet and we receive television and radio signals!” she managed to explain before Nicole's roommate arrived.

Àjàṣorò really wanted to step in as a peacekeeper of the entire exchange but held her tongue to allow everyone to say there piece. She was still ready if things went south but the two seemed to have reached a consensus on their own. So instead she decided to play tour guide, knowing some the younger artists she’d been keeping an eye on.

“There’s an excellent piece over here by a young artist about Dakana’s place in the world. Perhaps we should start there?”

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"You mean like Hollywood and Netflix, right?" Nicole asked, managing not to snort. "There's always somebody who wants to watch American TV wherever you are. Guess that includes Dakana too."


Then they met Astrid and Nicole couldn't help but tap at her chin as Astrid gave the low-down on what was going in her head. When the Norse was finished Nicole gave her a smile, sitting straighter on her chair. "Apology accepted and I think it's cute you have a secret hobby no one knows about until we came along. And now three more know about it."


"Orrr," Nicole said, drawing out the word as they neared Sara's recommended piece. "Maybe it would make more sense for you to be more juvenile than me. That too."


They stopped in the middle of a large walk-in piece, dozens of mirrors and screens showing themselves and various people's and cultures from different angles, above and at their sides. Two benches gently curved inwards to meet each other at the ends, forming a small circle between them. In the middle of that circle was a traditional Dakanan garden writ small, representing the garden that greeted the spirits of deceased Dakanans crossing over into the next life. A sculpture made of wood stood in the middle, arms crossed and head bent, wearing a woman's wear forher life's most important events, clearly meant to evoke a Dakanan.

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There were others here, though not a lot.  The people with the passes, generally most were people who donated, or were friends and family of them.  There was little bits to eat and drink and basically it was like a lower key event.  One didn't need to dress up, and there wasn't press, or anything like that.  It just happened when it was normally closed, with a nice relaxed atmosphere.

No one looked incongruous either.  Not the couple chatting.  Or the high school students.  Or the other adults that milled about.

Like the woman trying to engage with Corinne.

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The pull of her... nature meant that it was a fight to not look at the art.  It was so beautiful, and to her it was more.  There were aspects she couldn't articulate.  Corinne was entranced, even as the woman was edging closer and and trying to talk to her.  The words were there, but when Corinne managed to look to her, expressive eyebrows form a perfectly lost and quizzical expression.  "Mmm?"  She asked, by way of a sound and less an articulated response.



She blinked, again, and her confusion became more manifest as something akin to realization played across her face as she looked up at the woman.


She slumped abruptly, Corinne collapsed against the woman, who caught the tall blonde teen.


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The woman catching Corinne dipped under the weight, and cried out, "Someone!  Someone call 911 now, the girl fainted!"  Her severe features in a look of shock, even as she sank down to her knees.  Immediately some of the other people were pulling out their phones, presumably to make the call. 

A harried looking security came jogging up, with whatever museum official that was responsible for the event in tow, both seeming more friendly than strong figures of authority.  Worry writ large on their faces.

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John and Akhona had been involved in so many conflicts over the years their reactions were practiced and speedy, John slipped off to the side looking for the nearest rest room, while Akhona, protected by her invisible barrier rushed towards the girl who had fainted. John slipped into the rest room, ready to change into Black Mamba if it was needed. Akhona was there to assess whether this was the case or not, dropping to her knee next to the girl she gestured firmly with one hand,"Give me space, I'm a Doctor."


And she was, having performed hundreds of surgeries on her husband alone, never mind what had come before and after those as she examined the young girl, her fingers sliding to Corrine's neck looking for a pulse,"Who is this girl? Who came with her?" She needed information on what could be wrong and she needed it now.

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Just when things had been patched up with Nicole another problem reared its ugly head, though this was decidedly more of a pressing matter. The moment Astrid saw the stranger looking over Connie call out she sprung to attention. "We did," she shouted, quickly pointing to Nicole, Monica and Sara. She dashed to where the stranger was but made sure that she wasn't to close that the person in question wouldn't be able to do whatever she needed to do for Connie.


Astrid wasn't sure how much information she could or should give. Connie's identity as Zentih was a secret, like many of the other students at Claremont, but if this weird fainting spell she was having had something to do with her powers, or worse, Connie had Zenith episode right here in front of everyone at the exhibit things would get very complicated very quickly.  

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Nicole couldn't help but wince as her eyes were drawn to the shouting and Corinne slumped down on the floor. What the hell. Did she forget to eat and sleep to practice ballet more? Nicole wouldn't put it past Corinne what with Juliard's entrance tests looming nearer, though Nicole thought she knew the dancer was not one to be so negligent.


Even with that thought Nicole followed Astrid, and when she reached the scene she looked over Corinne's prone form. A doctor was on Corinne right now but Nicole furrowed her brows. Things didn't look right. At first glance it looked like Corinne had a seizure, but there were no symptoms of it.


"We're schoolmates," Nicole said, absently as she scrutinized Corinne even further. She could see the tall blonde's eyes. Corinne was still awake and Nicole waved a hand over Corinne's eyes.


"Jeeze, she's still awake."

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Monica followed her roommate as she explained some details about what the three of them were looking at, and the person behind it. It was interesting enough, she supposed. Nothing that fascinated her, but it wasn’t too boring either, and that was all she could really ask for from an event like this.


She was turned towards the artwork, and away from the rest of the room, when it went down. She turned around upon hearing the cry, seeing Corinne on the floor and various people in various stages of reacting to it. She considered what to do. People were already on their phones, and from the looks of it part of the couple she’d observed previously was a doctor. So, according to the mental checklist she tried to conjure up in her head, that was the most important parts taken care of.


Monica saw the two museum employees approaching, and since there didn’t seem to be anything be, she in turn approach them as they got closer to Corinne, if for nothing else then to hear what was going on. Plus, if it came down to it her basic medical training could maybe come in handy.

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White Lioness

Àjàṣorò was far to far away to react everything, though her advanced sensed allowed her to watch everything in detail. But whilst she moved quickly by the time she arrived the situation was well in hand. She trusted John to treat Connie well, after admittedly underhanded methods on her part, so instead focused her attention on the woman who she was sure she recognised.


“I think we should leave them to do their job right now.” she offered a hand to the woman “I’m Àjàṣorò a friend of Connie’s, I wouldn’t worry she’s much tougher than she looks.”


Whilst she might not be as skilled as the rest of her family she was pretty good at putting others at ease, something she hoped she was doing now. Whilst trying to solve the mystery of what was happening here.

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Akhona's fingers and eyes flickered over the young woman, and then up to the person who had just greeted the unconcious woman and then back over to the girl that John had identified as the White Lioness, frowning she spoke loud enough that the White Lioness would hear even though it wasn't said at her,"This girl has been poisoned, some kind of chemical agent is causing the seizures. No one touch her..."


Over the private link to John Ross she muttered++Armor up, the girl got attacked, we might need someone with a chemical seal++


In the bathroom there was a strange whooshing noise as John Ross' armor slid over his body, but he didn't respond yet, trusting Akhona to tell him where he was needed....or to suddenly stop responding if there was some kind of chemical gas attack.


Akhona looked up at the Muesem staff,"We're going to need to detain anyone who came into contact with the young girl...and check the video cameras to see if anyone shot anything at her. And get 911 here to get her to a hospital."

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Corinne twitched and shuddered under the scrutiny.


The guard inched in closer, and glanced to the official standing behind him, licking his lips anxiously, before he turned back to the woman and the teenager, moving to pull some gloves out of one of the pouches on his belt, before he leaned over them, frowning all the while, "Ma'am, do you mind, I need to check on her..."

The woman stared up at him wide eyed, and blinked, as if she was realizing she was still clutching at Corinne.  She nodded, and slowly let the girl slide to the ground. Glancing off to the side.


The Staff member looked at the girl, an officious seeming woman, who was taken aback Ahkona's words, "Wh-who are you?"

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"Looks like they got this," Nicole said to her schoolmates, reaching out a hand to stop them from moving forward to help. It was a natural response for those with her hobby, but in cases like this it was better to let the experts handle it.


The woman currently treating Corinne and taking charge looked like she knew what she was doing.


"Poison? Shot?" Nicole repeated as she reached up a phone to dial 911. It didn't take a genius to guess why the daughter of a famous superhero-playboy would get targeted.


"But I didn't see anything. Sara, did you?" She asked the White Lioness, sure that if anyone would notice anything it was her.

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