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All that glitters


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I'll be trying my hand at GM'ing a bit, so I figured I would start with something relatively simple to help me get into GM'ing fight scenes: A villain really wants to get the gold reserves stored in the Eastern Seaboard Bank, and it would be great if some heroes would try to stop him!


I'm looking for 1 or 2 people to join, preferably with a post from each at least every other day.

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I'm good with that, but I am not sure Rev and V are the best match due to ages and Rev being a sort of Claremonter. Curveball may just be a better idea as they are both in Emerald City (although the PL difference may be an issue). Lament may be an idea too, as he is a bit of a roamer and could easily end up in EC (and is similar PL). 


I dont have any strong feelings on the matter and happy to go with anybody but thats just my vague musings. 

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