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Power Chord!

Tiffany Korta

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Eclipse Nightclub, Southside, Freedom City
After Midnight, 10th November 2018


There was always the newest way to take away the pain of the world, but in a place like Freedom City, many also looked for that extra thrill of having powers for the night. The newest drug to hit the streets that were being called Demons Blood. From the little known it seemed to make them more powerful, and bestial, with a distinctly demonic tinge to them. Drunk with the power they'd caused havoc and mayhem, and for the unfortunate few they'd burst into hellfire.


With it association what better place to try and find this still rare drug at a metal night at the Eclipse Club.

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Drugs are bad, kids. So says the half-demon with a penchant for drinking like a fish. But at least alcohol didn't give you superpowers (ones you didn't dream up anyway) or light you on fire (if you drank it). Still, minidemons peaked Tanya's interest. The sight of the Hell Girl in the club after midnight got the patrons swarming. Of course. In their coded lingo, she knew what they were asking for, but she had none. Still these here her leads.


She looked at the supposedly savvy 'creatures of the night'. The nineties called, it wants it's culture back. "Ladies and gents," her voice echoed with gravity, "I have not what you want. Maybe release from your mortal coils, but I too am looking for the same thing you are. If you find something, bring it my way and you will be rewarded."

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Someone firmly but gently dragged Tanya to a darkened corner of the club, of which there were plenty in a place that this. The owner of the hand was a young animated woman who with her bright clothing, today a predominance of oranges, seemed a little out of place in a club like that.


"You don't go asking you'll give away why you're here!" she spoke in a hushed whisper "Maybe I can help you discover what's going on here? I'm assisting... Bee Keeper on an investigation."


Whilst she was obviously here to stop this dangerous drug reaching the public, as a chemist, she was curious to discover how the effects of the drug were caused chemically.

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Hell Girl was thrown off easily by the other hero. It was supposed to be a con, but hey, she didn't know that. "Bee Keeper, uh, sure," she said quietly, "that's cool. I could use the help yeah." She gestured out to the club, "see, I was going to go for the 'getting on the inside' thing. As, if I've heard right, there are some me-looking people after some drugs here."


She looked the bee woman up and down, "I don't think we've formally introduced. Name's Hell Girl," her voice echoed on her introduction, "and you are?" She hoped the bee woman was on the same line as her. It would be good for a back up plan if she got in over her head.

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Melissa's face scrunched up as she thought for a few seconds, she wasn’t exactly the best at deception.


“Melissa, Bee asked me to look at a sample and discover how it affects things! She an ally of Bee-Keeper, but she pretty new so you’ve probably never heard of her!” she paused for a few seconds before adding with a touch of pride


“I’m a fairly skilled chemist as it happens, but we need to get a sample first. But maybe we should do all sneaky, sneaky like?” she smiled before adding “I’m sure we’ll make an excellent team h-e-double hockey sticks girl!”

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