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Hey there!


After a very long period of not playing M&M, I just can't fight that itch any longer. I need to run some games, and boy, do I have a lot of ideas bouncing around in my head.


So, I propose two games to start with, complete with combat, mystery, and intrigue. One will feature my own character, fresh from the presses (once she is approved), and the other will be just me GMing. Now for the pitch:


Dark Red Tide (PL10-11)


A trip to the Freedom City Aquarium should always be a fun occasion. After all, even heroes need some R&R from time to time. But this particular field trip quickly goes horribly awry...


Monsters in the Night (PL7-10)


A young girl has gone missing from the Westend. In your efforts to find her, you cross paths with the Blind Huntsman, who seems to be following the same lead for different reasons...



I ask that you only sign up for one or the other, even if you have multiple characters. I am hoping to get at least two for each, upwards of four. First come, first serve. I'd like to see what kind of interest this gets before moving on to making the actual threads.


In addition, I would like to open a purely social thread, so I can have Huntsman meet some of your characters, and build some affiliations! For anyone interested, please mention it below and you can join me in the Wharton State Forest for One Quiet Evening. And if anyone has an interest in pitching me THEIR ideas for a team-up with the Blind Huntsman, social or otherwise, let me know! I'd love to hear it :)



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I have the same problem as EP, my PL 7 is Bedlam bound....and while a trip to the Aquarium would be cool for Black Mamba he's in enough right now. You think we might be able to figure out a reason that Delta would be at the Aquarium? suspiciously investigating things? Or maybe just throwing a sulk?

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Hm... I can do that. Any story can be written with enough finagling... Or, I could just widen the PL restrictions a touch.


For Delta, perhaps he could be intending to meet someone who knows something about either his past or about Dr. Duster. It's not a terrible place to meet an unknown... public, yet dark to hide Delta's face and plenty of places to have a quiet conversation on days it isn't busy.

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Considering Terrifica is a genius with the internet, it's easy enough to put her in either story in a multitude of ways, ranging from her spotting a pattern and detecting the problem beforehand, to her simply responding quickly, or in the case of Dark Red Tide, just going to the aquarium with her husband or another family member. Also, with the lack of interest so far in both games, I won't stop you (or anyone else) if you want to put forward a character for each game. 


Queenie is well-suited to Dark Red Tide. A quick look over her backstory and personality, there are a few ways to tie her in. Maybe she's just meeting a friend (assuming she has non-PC friends, of course), or maybe she just wants to finds an exotic fish to try in a new recipe. (She knows a guy who can get her anything).


Also, I'll be widening Monsters in the Night's PL limit. Originally, it was meant to keep PCs in line with Huntsman's own PL, but I'm going to be treating Huntsman like an NPC anyways, and whether or not she is as effective as everyone else in combat situations is largely unimportant. PL cap on MitN is now up to PL 10, instead of 8.

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Dark Red Tide is up and running in this thread, featuring:


RocketLord's Forever Boy

Tarrakhash's Delta

EternalPhoenix's Queenie

Tiffany Korta's Bee


Monster's in the Night is up and running in this thread, featuring:


Tarrakhash's Delta

EternalPhoenix's Terrifica

Tiffany Korta's Ms. Bright

Heritage's Crystal Gazer

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