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Siren Song of The Void (OOC)

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I think one route is scent tracking, unless he's teleporting. Unless Temperance can do a tracking/divination spell?

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Sorry, I should elaborate:


In this OOC thread, please, everyone describe what investigative techniques you're planning to use, and what information you've already accumulated that you're trying to build off of. And feel free to post whatever rolls you need to make. So if you're using Gather Information or some kind of Knowledge check, or using a power (Notice or Search checks for Super-Senses, for example), or if there are specific areas you want to go to, etc.

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In terms of detective and tracking skills, this group is off the charts.


1. Strix and Sekhmet (and Grim, technically) have amazingly keen senses and tracking ability; I suggest we let them tear the shop apart looking for more clues.

2. Set and Grim have amazing Gather Info bonuses and they're both shapeshifters, so getting the 'word on the street' presents little challenge.

3. Temperance can communicate with spirits and has good Arcane Lore (as I think does everyone else).


Those are three avenues off the top of my head.

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The answer, as always, is asking social media.



Gather Information check: 1d20+16 36


With Contacts and Well Informed for the sake of time. What's a more heroic synonym for 'doxxing'..?

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What Temperance knows:


-The old-ass book stolen from Silberman's may have something to do with all of this

-Investigating the man suspected in his disappearance has led to horrific brushes with unnatural things

-The man in the hospital is likely the actual owner, unlike this guy fronting at him who is likely doing horrible things


So, right now, Temperance is kind of on team Storming, like Set, but I will throw for Gather Info w/ Well-Informed to reflect the fact that she is plugged into the spiritual switchboard:


And that's a 25, so she may just know where Jimmy Hoffa is buried.

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Somehow I never got the notification on that last post,  so sorry for this late response. I'll start with Notice and Search checks for Grim around the bookstore.


Notice: 1d20+15=22


Search: 1d20+15=27

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