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Siren Song of The Void (IC)

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Sekhmet took a moment to spit on the tangled mess of tentacles before calling toward the water, "Liesmith! Be thee slain?"


Set raised a thumbs up from the mostly submerged heap he'd fallen into, a storm grey eye blinking on the back of his hand. His elbow did not appear to be bending quite the right direction but with a faintly audible grinding of bone-on-bone the limb was twisting itself back into shape. The godling's two normal eyes were shut and his breathing ragged, lips pressed into a thin line. Sekhmet stalked over with a huff and crouched at the edge of the water, hands aglow with a softer yellow light but Set shook his head with a grunt. "Merely... haah... give me... a moment." He swallowed with some difficulty then added quietly enough the he hoped the others wouldn't hear, "I have been attempting to... change my shape. I cannot... cannot rid myself of the growths that way."


The warrior goddess screwed her face up in a scowl. "The taint must be scoured, then."


He nodded tersely, one shoulder popping back into place with a loud crunch. "See what you can do for our compatriots, if you would."


Looking over her shoulder Sekhmet looked between Grimalkin's haggard condition and Strix's corpse and huffed again. She cast one more glance at Set, failing to keep the entirety of her worry from her face but stood up and joined Temperance next to the latter. "Vampires be as varied as carrion birds; the rules of one may be naught to another." She clenched and unclenched her hands a few times, the glow surrounding them intensifying. Reaching down she grabbed Strix by the shoulder and hauled him into the air, pouring divine succour into his undead form.

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Mister Strix's soaking wet corpse didn't actually look much different than it had when he was moving around under his own power, aside from having been disemboweled. He hung limply in Sekhmet's grasp. When she touched her healing light to his skin, it quickly burned and melted. The effect wasn't limited to the part of his body she touched. Several seemingly random clumps of flesh around his body smoldered and were consumed in an instant, including roughly half his face. Holes were burned in his clothing as well, leaving charred bone exposed to the air. He did not stir. There were no signs of awareness or mobility.


Grimalkin continued to stare wordlessly at her own hands for a few moments longer. She poked at one of the eyes growing from a finger, and flinched. Her fingers were once again surrounded by a soft glow which quickly hardened into talons. She closed her eyes tightly, gritted her teeth, and began gouging the extra eyeballs out of her hands. She bit her tongue to stifle her own screams. Blood and white goo poured between her fingers in tiny waterfalls.


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Temperance knew there was only so much she could take. But at this point, it felt like everything was just splashing against a cliff wall. 


"Divinity and a vampire," she said. "Something told me this might not end well."


This was really outside of her territory. Water had associations with healing, and spirits did always dance on the side of the metaphorical... but there were also close divides and the rigidity of the bureaucratic. Water was associated with healing because it was life-giving. And she swore there were stories about running water...


To do this, she would have to do something that might get her in a lot of trouble.


I really hope Dad doesn't find out about this. There was a lot of rough biomatter in here, even if some of it was sluicing into a puddle of filth. Blood was thicker than water, but only by how much? It was just a matter of adding iron and other binding agents, really... 


She drew the water from her pack and ran it through the room, catching traces of biological matter. She tried to use as little of the abomination as possible, because she could only see this ending horribly if she fed it to Strix. But in time, with distillation and effort, it turned into blood. She carefully dripped it into Strix's wounds, hoping that this might do something. 

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"Eugh..." Sekhmet winced and carefully set Strix's smouldering husk onto the ground by the stagnant water and took a step back, brushing bits of ash from her hands awkwardly. She watched Temperance work for a moment before gesturing over her shoulder. "I shall see to assisting the shopkeeper, then? Call if thee need a pit dug for burial."


Striding a little more quickly than usual over to Grimalkin and crouched down next to the other woman. "I cannot remove the contamination any more cleanly, Champion Epstein but I can lessen the pain, should thee allow." The goddess brought a glow back to her hand but waited for confirmation before placing it on Lynn's shoulder.


Set waited until he was confident that the others all had their attention elsewhere - and not because he was putting of what needed to be done, he assured himself - then took a silent breath. He clenched his disfigured hands into fists until grains of sand began to spill from beneath his fingers. All at once the godling's form exploded into a whirlwind of particulates, a miniature desert cyclone spinning above the water. The rush of wind almost covered the small squelches from within as drops of milky white goo dripped out.


For only the span of a few heartbeats the contained sandstorm raged before just as abruptly reconstituting into the form of a young man, collapsed against the ground by the edge of the pool, pushing himself upward with one arm. Set bled from dozens of small wounds across his face, arms and everywhere else but the extra eyes were gone. "If you... nngh... are short on blood, oh s-s-sanguine sapphire... ghhk! Ex-excuse me... something in m-my throat..."

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