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Busy Little Fingers (OOC)


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Ok the tear gas grenade is an area (cloud) Nauseate 5 and Dazzle 5 effect, both Fort Saves. 


DC 15 to save then!


Although you do of course get a Reflex DC 15 save vs the area to half that to a DC 13 Fort Save if you make it!


Most, but not all, of the Kids / "Fingers" will succumb to the Gas grenade. Finnigan, however, is immune (as is the Gas Man)


And its time for initiative!


Initiative: 1d20+5 15 Gas Man

Initiative: 1d20-1 16 Finnigan

Initiative: 1d20+2 6 FIngers



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Round 1

16 - Finnigan

15 - Gas Man

12 - Justice - Blinded [DC 12 Recover], 1 HP

6 - Fingers


Finnigan and the Gas Man are essentially going to chase this round, ducking into the cracks of the building they are in. The Gas Man is considerably fitter than the shuffling Finnigan, so I will say that this round, the Gas Man closes the distance. They are twenty or thirty feet from you and have partial cover. 


Justice is up, and can start the round with a recovery fort save from the tear gas!


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I actually make that a sickened status for Justice. Not to serious (-2 attack rolls and checks), and Justice still easily hits. 


That does indeed hit, and Tough Save vs Blast: 1d20+4 14 he is bruised and dazed for this round. 


That puts Finnigan out of action for this round. the Gas Man has but one action, and uses it to pull out a grenade. 


Putting us back to Justice, who can make a DC 17 Fort Save to shake off the Nauseate. 


Round 2:

14 - Justice - Sickened - 1 HP

8 Gas Man - Bruised, Staggered

0 - Finnigan - Bruised

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Justice isn't about to let Finnigan out of there, and maybe she can try and resolve things peacefully without the Gas Man. So, she follows, and rolls as discussed:


First: DC 20 Knowledge [Physical Science] roll to try for a +2 bonus to going after Finnigan. I got Skill Mastery, so taking 10 for a result of 22.


Escape Artist DC 10 to try and follow at enough speed to keep up, with +2 from above: 1d20+4 = 15 

Success! Justice is closing in!

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Well, at least it wasn't a big fail.


And on the inventions I mentioned in the chat: Robin is going to spend some time during the 3 days to make 2-3 inventions, time permitting. All with 2 hours of design time and 8 hours build time.


First up, she spent 2 hours, after getting home and taking multiple showers, designing a pair of goggles that grant Super-Senses 2, with the Darkvision option, which is DC12 to design/construct. I take 10 on the Knowledge [Technology] check, for a total of 22, so the design should be fine.


Gonna make the rest of the checks as they come up.

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Thats all good by me. 


"Night Goggles" Supersenses 2 (Darkvision)


Has been designed. 


Also, given Justice rather good skill bonuses, she can take 1 and still pass the DC check for any device of 2 PP or less, which I guess is what you are going for!


If you want any mileage out of super secret ID, such as not seeking medical treatment or getting interrupted inventing / building stuff at the university, let me know. 

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