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A Night Out On The Towns

Moira Morley

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West End, Freedom City, 645PM, 27 October


Moira had kept up with Mickey and Mona ever since they met in August. They'd meet up to bust criminals in Freedom City. It was a friendly relationship, but Moira took affection to Mick, spending more time with him after the heroics. After a couple of months, she finally broke down and asked him If he wanted to do something less on the books. She didn't come right out and say 'a date', which was weird for her, but they decided somewhere nice. Dinner, movie, stargazing, a ride home. All that first date stuff. It almost felt like a formal declaration or something. Something Moira didn't do often.


While not dressed to the nines, Moira did more than just casual clothes.  A short, white, lace dress, and heels, of which the latter she dreaded to wear, but it was for something nice. She smelled lightly tropical due to the concoction of perfumes, nothing overpowering. And light make up too, enough to 'accent'. It was a little before time. So she shot a message to him through text


Moira 18:45:57

[Hey Mick. Hope everything's going smooth on your end.]

[It's almost seven, love.]

[See you when you get here. ?]

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Mickey 18:47:03

[He’s having trouble. Don’t worry, I’ll sort him out.]

[ –Mona]


“Do we have to have this convo again, bro? It’s just a date. Go have fun. I mean, I do sometimes. Date.” Mona was seated on the bed in her brother’s apartment, watching him be characteristically indecisive over what to wear, what to say, and a thousand other things.


“I don’t want to hurt her, Mona. The Lord well knows that I’ve hurt people before. And two dates, each with a different man, barely counts. They weren’t even on the same continent, for heaven’s sake. And were you just on my phone?” Mickey was in front of a long mirror. Okay, definitely no tie. Button down, yes. Dress shirt, no. Gah. Why were there no easily accessible rules for clothes?


“Oh, this is yours? Whoops. Yeah, with your fists, numbskull. Not your personality.” Mona’s legs dangled above the floor, and she kicked them back and forth like a small child.


“But really, I’m worried she might want to get…you know…physical. I’ve made a commitment to the Lord and-“ He was interrupted by his sister’s raucous laughter. “I’m serious, Mona! She’s the daughter of a love goddess and I don’t-“


“Okay, stop. Just stop.” Mona was intensely amused. “If you’re that concerned,I’ll-“ She giggled. “Chaperone.” She stood up. “Okay, you’re dressed. Let’s go.” She took him by the arm and had both of them in front of Moira’s place in mere moments. “Knock on the door, I’m gonna go change.” Then she wasn’t there anymore.


Mickey sighed. He could have resisted the tug from his smaller sister, but he knew full well he was being ridiculous. There was, however, a difference between knowing it and being able to stop. He checked his phone, which Mona had helpfully put on his hip. Darn it, he knew she’d texted someone.


Mickey 18:52:43

[I’m outside. Mona said she might tag along, so don’t be surprised if she shows.]

[And I was not having trouble.]

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Moira looked at the message from Mona. She tsk'd herself, hoping he was OK. She poured herself a drink, thinking she had time for it, but that was quickly doused when she heard Mona on the doorstep. There was no knock, but there was a text. She smiled reading what Mick had to say. "Tag along," she said amused, under her breath, "sure." Swipe, out of the messages, phone into the purse.


She opened the door to see Mick standing there. He looked nice for him. Despite his 'ordinary' normal look. She was fine with it. They had fun together. "Hello, Mick," she said stepping outside to meet him. "Not bad," she complimented him, straightening him up a bit with light touches to his jacket. Looking at him with a smile, "you look positively handsome." She assumed they got here through running as there was no car. And Mona wasn't  around. "So, should we get a cab or?"

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Mickey looked vaguely uncomfortable with all the touching. And he was blushing ever so slightly. “Uh, thanks. My aunt got the jacket for me. I don’t…think…about clothes.” One of the things he and Mona had in common, as it happened. “I guess we could get a cab. I’m…not sure I’ve ever ridden in one.”


“Nope, you haven’t.” And there was Mona, changed into a long dress and a short jacket. When you could be in warmer climes in like ten seconds, dressing for the weather was optional. “We’ve never been in an automobile. Not after we could walk.” She looked like she’d actually taken some care with her appearance for once. “Don’t worry about me. I’m just-“ she giggled –“Chaperoning.” She was still, however, wearing running shoes.


Mickey groaned. “Mona.” She just gave him the look of an innocent angel, completely guile free. The dress being white did not hurt this. Not at all. “Ugh, whatever.” He took a step back from the entirely too enchanting Moira and tried to sound gallant. “I’m at your disposal. You want to get a cab, we’ll get a cab.” He budgeted and rebudgeted in his head, trying to find room for a nice dinner and two cab rides.


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Moira stopped her picking at his nice clothes when she say his uncomfortable blush. It wasn't meant to be anything other than a friendly gesture. She was going to answer the thing about transportation, but Mona arrived. Appraently this was going to be a monitored date. "Chaperone," she questioned with a grin. She looked to Mickey then Mona. She hadn't been on a chaperoned date since... she didn't even remember. But this was fine. Anything to make comfortable. Mona was a ray of sunshine after all. "Alright then."


Now the cab thing. "Interesting," she said pulling her phone out of her purse, "you two sure being cooped up in a vehicle for a few minutes won't drive you stir crazy?" Uber, Lyft, whichever. She got a car here in a few minutes. And Herculean an effort it was, the drive was uneventful. Small talk was made as they couldn't talk their actual activities in front of the driver. They made it to the restaurant.


Midtown, Timothy's Bistro, 715PM


Upscale dining. Moira knew someone who knew someone who owed someone a favor. And now she was part of that conga line. Again. They had the chef, Timothy Kandro, to themselves for the meal. It was that important of a favor. Of course the trio couldn't go anywhere without Fate shoveling something on them.

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Crime doesn't take a break in Freedom City. Ever. As the stars were settling in the sky, the lawbreakers set their eyes on illgotten gains. Some were sneaky, but others just wanted to do damage. In this case, both. Terra - an aspiring actress who's plans were cut short by being struck by a meteor infusing her with geokinetic power - and Adrian - her scheming boyfriend/brother who couldn't look at an advantage and say no, she had given him several artifacts - were told to sit put while Ghost - their father, a mutant who was gifted invisibility in his genes - made the rounds of the local closed shops.


All they had to do was stay still and wait for him. He was leaned against a lamp post, she was leaned against him. But the potential marks swarming around the area was too enticing for them to not do something. "Excuse me," Adrian said walking towards the dressed 'down' heroes, "you three, tell me, are you going to dinner? I assure you I won't take too much of your time." Terra smiled, following him, waiting to be brute strength if these guys said anything but no.

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“Yup, dinner. Gonna be nice. Kaythanxbye.” Dinner was important to Mona. Very, very important. Okay, it was food. Also, she absolutely didn’t care about randos on the street. It took every fiber of her being not to be a block away so they couldn’t talk to her anymore.


“Mona! Don’t be rude.” Mickey looked at the couple. “Yes, we are on the way to dinner. I’m sorry, but we don’t have much time to stop and chat.” He produced a small pamphlet for the church he attended. And volunteered at. And donated any spare items to. And you get the idea.“But if you need someone to talk to, the Reverend here is a good listener. I spend a good amount of time there myself.” Hello, understatement.

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Moira was good to ignore the panhandlers too. Her date however, being an actual nice guy, was going to try to save them apparently? Religion was not a touchy subject between the two. She'd met gods and been one for the first bit of her life. She knew there were other gods that people worshiped. It's part of the reason she was drawn to Mickey. He was resolute in his faith. But these two hoods he was talking to didn't look like the church goer crowd.


She held on to his arm, as someone on a date would, as he talked to them. Mentally daring them to even start their little hustle, she hid behind a smile. "Dear," she talked to Mickey while staring a hole in the guy, "we don't want to keep the chef waiting. Do we?"

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"Hey man," Adrian said at Mickey while nodding at Moira, "your girl's giving me the eye. Maybe we should switch dance partners if you know what I mean." He pulled out a hand full of trinkets, "nah dude, you're cool. We can talk about god. I know a little." He pulled a pair of dice out, "you know when they were rolling dice at the cross? Some people say they wasn't gambling, but was trying to call god. See the future." He shook the dice, "care to see your future? Your lady's future?"


Terra was all but quiet, she was watching Mona. Or trying to. Her significant other was flirting with the pretty woman. But Terra knew his love was for her. She grinned and waved at Mona trying to get her attention. A little concrete snowman popped up from the sidewalk and waved the same way. Beckoning her over to the spectacle.

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“That’s up to the lady, I believe.” Mickey eyed the dice. “And my lady would like us to get to dinner. I’m sorry.” He obviously meant it. “We have to go.” He started walking away. He wasn’t worried about Mona. She could easily catch up.


Mona, on the other hand, was examining the stone sculpture. She had appeared beside it while the woman’s eyes weren’t on her. There had been enough time for it not to be inhuman speed, but the blur of motion in the corner of the eye was missing. Mona pondered, thoughts firing off faster than sound in her head. How did this thing move? Or was the woman moving it? “This is cool.” She looked at the woman. “How’s it work?”

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Terra smiled confused as the small woman seemingly instantly popped up beside her. The concrete snowman crumbled and three smaller ones appeared next to Mona, doing a little wavy arms dance, "you see, love," she said in an adult-explaining tone, "I was and unfortunate recipient of a nasty bump on the head. From a space rock. And now I can do tricks." The three snow men bowed and crumbled to dust. "ask your mom or dad for ten bucks and i'll show you," she lifted part of the sidewalk up, balancing on it, "how to fly."


Adrian scowled as the couple went away, looking at Mona watching Terra, he called out to them, "Oi don't leave yer kid hanging around weird people," he grabbed Mona by the scruff of the neck, "you never know what they might get into."

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Mona’s hand gripped the man’s wrist as she looked at the woman. “Hey.” She borrowed from her brother, and pulled. All the guy would know is that strength impossible for one so small broke his grip like he was the child. “I have a high school diploma. I can vote.” She was tempted to just arm toss him, but that’d be pretty unheroic, so nah. “Also, don’t touch people without permission.” She turned around and glared at him. “Got that? Cool.” She returned her attention to the woman. “I have ten bucks, sure, but first how fast can you go?”


Mickey couldn’t help a small grin. This was his sister, after all. He just watched her work. She wouldn’t hurt them unless they were supervillains or something. In which case, he felt really bad for them. It was a shift, not having to worry about her. He wasn’t used to it yet.

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Moira looked at the scene with a flinch. This huckster did not know what he had gotten himself into. She was content in letting Mona handle these crooks. She looked to Mickey, "dinner? Unless you want to see this play out." She had her night set on just the two of them, so this was maybe something they could steal away. The two grifters were least worry, but the rock girl might be... nah. She believed in Mona. Tugging Mickey's arm she whispered in his ear, "I am hungry," she said nudging him one way, but was not about to break them up.

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Mickey thought about it. “I don’t know…hey, Mona? Are you okay here?”


His sister waved him off. “It’s fine, it’s fine. I’ll meet you later.”


“Okay…” Gulp. Oh, dear. Well, she would catch up. Mickey shrugged, casually. “See you, then. Be careful.” He wasn’t talking about danger to her, as she could (as she had repeatedly pointed out to him) take care of herself just fine, even among superpowered people. And one would have to really stupid to annoy Mona enough to make her beat you up without threatening someone else. So, okay. She’d be fine. Mickey, on the other hand, was now concerned about himself. “Let’s go, Moira.” He started walking again.”

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