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Through the Mirrored Glass and Back Again (OOC)

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Sorry for the delay. The weekend was busier than I expected.


Let's see.

The Mist
Move Action: It's going to trail right behind Veronica, trying to catch her from behind.


The Limbs
Move Action: Teleport between Veronica and the miniature sun, blocking her path.


IC post in a bit. Basically, The Mist and The Limbs are going to try and stop Veronica, leaving The Sorcerer and The Golem with the Masques and Ouroboros behind.

@Fox, Duplicate Masque is up! And so is Original Masque if you're removing the Daze. Mechanically, The Mist would still be around Duplicate Masque if you can think of doing something.

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And here is a map of what's happening right now. Really not to scale.



Blue dots - Masques

Red dot - Ouroboros

Green dot - Veronica



Gray circle - The Golem

Pink thing - The Limbs

Yellow spray - The Mist

Brown dot - The Sorcerer


Distances from Veronica and the Sun-Core

The Mist - One move action

Masque - One use of the Teleport action (which I believe takes a full round).

Ouroboros - One full action for his Teleport too I believe.

It'd take moving all-out (if you run) for two turns to get there without the use of movement powers.


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