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Through the Mirrored Glass and Back Again (OOC)

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Nice, @angrydurf.


Can you build the spell you used to create those items? Get a +10PP to your VP as you invariably use the magic from the ritual used to make Nicole's armor vulnerable to the creation of magical things.


Also, sounds like a Diplomacy skill Ouroboros is doing. Can you roll that?


I'll oppose both by their Magic Sense and Sense Motive/the skill used to oppose Diplomacy.

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Diplomacy is 1d20+4=23(27 with attractive if that counts)


Spell would be:

Create Object 1 (Magical simulacra, extras: Duration 1(continuous); Flaws: duration 1 (permanent), range 1 (touch); Feats: precise, subtle, innate) [4 ] PP

Linked to

Illusion 1 (Magical Simulacra, All Senses;  extras: Duration 2 (continuous); Feats: independant) [6 ]PP


Items are exact copies of the real deal basically, the illusion is a model of hte enchantments basically the magic is there but not the oomph to activate it,  plenty to study though.


He'll roll through an acute analytic version of magic awareness for each sense in the process which is less than 5PP for each  so doable with his unmodded VP to be able to get all the info needed.



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Pumping his vp into penetrates concealment and a couple ranks of extended on his mage vision.  Not sure that's enough but basically looking ot either locate and pull back abby or verify she left hte suit if Nicks out of the tread so we're not thinking we left her behind.

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Ouroboros will set his VP to flight 5 (flaws: platform) 5pp


If possible he'll ready an action to blast the first thing to attack Veronica or the masques not sure where that falls in the not in rounds yet thing.

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Apologies; I need to get into the habit of checking the thread and not relying on email notifications. Since OOC and IC have the same thread name stuff's getting lost in my inbox.


Notice Checks: 2#1d20+8+5 31 25

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The Golem - Fine

Veronica - Fine. Defense +10. 3 HP.

The Mist - Fine

The Limbs - Fine. 16

Masque - Fine. Defense +13. 1 HP.

Ouroboros - Fine. Fatigued. -2 Attack and Defence. -1 Strength and Dexterity. Defense +12. 4 HP.

The Mist - Fine

The Sorcerer - Fine



Environmental Condition


Everyone roll a Fortitude Saving Throw against the environment. Masque gets DC 9 for her description of wrapping a bunch of protective cloth around herself. Veronica DC 10 (Autopass). Ouroboros DC 20 for It Burns Like Hygiene!.


Partial Concealment is in Effect when not in melee range.



Surprise Round Initiative


The Golem


The Mist

The Limbs


The Mist

The Sorcerer


Ouroboros - Defense +3

Other Masque - Defense +3



The Golem - +2 Attack / - 2 Defense. Attack Roll: 24. Grapple Opposed Roll: 42.


@angrydurf roll a Opposed Grapple Roll against The Golem.

@Fox I'll let you choose if the Masque who passed the Notice check (35) is either the original or the duplicate. Consequently, the one being attacked (or will be mechanically) is the other.

@Thevshi And you're up! Also, give me a created power from Veronica's VP array for the platform she created.

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Fortitude saves:

Fortitude Save vs. environment, DC9: 2#1d20+5 10 19


May as well have the real Masque make the succeeding Notice check (can't have one's own duplicate showing one up!); for the sake of consistency, and not cheating, if I double-roll for something it'll always be ordered [real, duplicate]. Neither of them got a 35, though; 31's the best the Masques did, even with the bonus.

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