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Jungle Memories: Walking the Daydream

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Right, I forgot. Snakebite gets an HP for me using the Curses! complication aka. the ring's cursed and she can't remove it whatever she tries to do.

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You know you are near a faultline and that could have caused the collapse all those years ago.


Obviously there's been some damage and so you need to keep a light step in some areas but you aren't particularly sure where some of them would be where you're at, or even when you are near them, as evidenced by you stepping the wrong way and crashing down.


You'd know some of the delicate spots if you saw them though, crumbling floors or ceilings held precariously up by a single leaning pillar, that sort of obvious tells.


Just really, don't hit anything too hard.


(OOC: No bonus TN to steering clear from places prone to collapsing. But you do know to look for clues in the text!)

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Using Postcognition to


a/ see where the moonlight would strike through the ceiling


b/ see if the history of the bones (or who they belonged to) can be elucidated!

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Whilst unlikely to work....


Free action: Talk!

MOve action: Moving, keeping out of range of the creature (as per IC)

Standard actoin: Defensive attack shifting (so +2 defence, -2 accuracy) with Tranq gun...


Tranq Gun: 1d20+10 19 if that hits, its a Fatigue 5 (DC 15 Fort) effect, with poison extra. 

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Well, my laptop's screen isn't lighting up so I have to fix that later. But I kind of still remember the stats since I made them simple.


Tranq Gun: Hit

Saving Throw: Passed


Free Action: Talk

Move Action: Move closer (he's faster than Snakebite)

Standard Action: Unarmed Attack


Unarmed attack: 28

DC: Toughness 23

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