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To Serve and Protect (OOC)


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IC is here: https://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/10841-to-serve-and-protect-ic/


Please do not post in the IC thread until I give the go-ahead.


In the meantime, both of you please make a Notice check and a Will save before you make your first IC post.


If you intend to be sneaky with your approach, please also make a Stealth check.

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Both of your absurdly high Will saves beat the DC18 to see through Mister Strix's concealment power.


Mister Strix gets a decent but inadequate Notice with 20. He is completely oblivious to the presence of all other PCs at this scene.


I'll forgo a Stealth check for Mister Strix so that this doesn't turn into a parody.


Arrowhawk and Tattered Man both see Mister Strix, but they don't notice each other.


Both of you can post IC now.


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Strix switches to the AP slot with the Autofire on his Strength.


He's All-Out Attacking for 2/2.


Attack roll (DC20): 23. That's +1 damage from Autofire.


DC24 Toughness save from Arrowhawk, then it's her turn. You can go ahead and make an IC post for her immediately, since my last one works for Strix's combat action (just not its result).


Strix has -2 Defense (DC16) until his next action.

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Toughness save, DC24: 1d20+8 12 So she fails by 12 and is staggered and dazed.


I'm not one for using Hero Points on PvP, but honestly... being staggered before we even fight the bad guy is less fun. Reroll, min roll 11: 1d20+8 20 So she's just Bruised and has 2 Hero Points.


She will also All-Out Attack for -2/+2, using her Strike on Mister Strix. This will leave her at Defence 18 until her next action. Face punch [DC 23]: 1d20+12 20

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He gets a 10 on his Toughness save. That's a fail by 13, so he's Injured, Dazed, and Disabled (no Con means all damage is lethal). I think we can step out of combat rounds now.


The damage isn't from one of his weaknesses, so assuming someone doesn't keep hitting him, he'll be back up after a round of rest and a recovery check.

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John gets a series of vague, dreamlike images.


The men in the car were pulled over by a cop. His uniform didn't look right, not like any uniform John had ever seen when he was a cop. It might've been a cop costume from Halloween or an old movie, or it might've been a real uniform, but anachronistically old. The brim of the cop's hat casts a shadow over his face that obscures it throughout the vision.


The driver tried to bribe the cop, then threatened him. When the cop cuffed him, the man in the passenger seat went for the pistol in his jacket. The cop drew a magnum revolver and put a bullet between the passenger's eyes before the passenger could even pull his own gun free from its holster. Then the cop went to work on the driver, beating him with a baton. He didn't make it quick. He made it last. He never raised his voice. He never even used profane language. The man pleaded, and the cop spoke, but it didn't seem like anything the cop said was actually a reply to the man he was beating.


The last thing either man saw before he died was an inhumanly pale white face. The image is blurry. It's not even clear whether the white man is the cop, or a second person. It doesn't seem like they could make out any facial features, other than the big smile. Too big to be human. Almost too big to fit on his face.

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@Thunder King If you're planning to examine the scene after the precog trance, feel free to post the Search check here in advance.


Let's get an IC post from Ecal ending the fight he started and describing his own investigative efforts, inept though they may be, and an IC post from TK describing his reaction to his vision and his examination of the scene. I'll skip Strix's "turn" and do an IC post for him getting back up after those, and then I'll do a GM post describing your findings.

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