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Sting in the Tail (OOC)


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As she is flat footed, that just hits!


unfortunately, her Fort save is her one saving grace! Fort Save: 1d20+10 18


DEX reduced by 2. Which means it is 6 (So she can resist the poison well, but she is pretty clumsy to start with!)


The poison extra is in effect and will kick in a minute later. 


In response, she will clumsily fire her shotgun at Venomax!


Fires Shotgun: 1d20+6 15 and missing!

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Reflex Saves: 2#1d20+1 9 2




There is a remote chance she can break free with a STR of 20: Breaks free of snare: 1d20+10 30 but the snare resolutely makes its toughness save! (vs 20 DC), so ill stop combat there and say she is effectively perma-snared!


As she has also been poisoned and we are moving out of combat, ill roll that poison effect for prosperity:


Save vs Poison Drain: 1d20+10 18 which lowers her DEX to 4! GIven there is no slow fade on the poison, I will guess that recovers fairly quickly however. 

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Ok so the thread now merged with Dust, Sand and Smoke (not planned that way, but it seems the best way to handle the scene transitions)


Following on from the slightly clumsy on my part two threads that lead up to this (sorry, but no harm done!)


Dust Devil - 3 HP - Unharmed

VMX - 1 HP - Unharmed


We are not in combat so feel free to post reactions, etc!

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Mr. Sting is going to take the time to leap at flesh and blood abdul and stab him!


Stabs Abdul: 1d20+8 12 and hitting poor Abdul!


Saves: Saves vs Poison Dagger: 2#1d20 10 4

With bonuses, the first save is 11 vs DC 16, enough to make him injured, bruised, and dazed. The more serious issue, however, is the DC 20 Fort save which he completely fails, reducing his CON to 2! (and this has the poison extra, so he is in real danger of dying in a minute!) 


Dum dum daah!


The last remaining snake will try to bite and entwine Venomax:


Bites Venomax: 1d20+5 10 missing


Round 2

24 Dust Devil - Unharmed - 3 HP

22 Venom - Unharmed - 1 HP

12 Mr. Sting - Unharmed

9 - Giant Snakes - 1 Unharmed, 1 Stunned

1 - Abdul - CON at 2 (Poison effect round 11)


Dust Devil is up! and can, on your turns, roll a DC 20 Notice!

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I will move over to abdul and attempt to administer first aid!




Opperatin on the assumption that mr sting is using his pet scorpions neurotoxin and its a more aggressive version of a regular scorps.


Any bonuses for useful chemicals feature to create anti venom and medical adhesive to stop any blood loss?



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Thats up to you...even with a -5 penalty for no medkit that reaches the DC 15 criteria to treat poison! so knock yourself out with whatever narrative you wish!


Technically that gives a +4 bonus to his next save (Venommax Medicine rank) but ill add a +5 bonus to that for his chemicals feature etc to give him a might +9 bonus when the next save kicks in. 


EDIT also, earn an HP for being so heroic in saving a scumbag like Mr. Sting! Venomax - 2 HP

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Mr Sting will use total defence this round, gaining +4 to his dodge till his next go. He will, however, appeal to Venomax! (as per IC)


The last remaining Giant Snake will snap at Dust Devil, but since the Dust Devil has insubstantial this is pointless!


And then...as per IC!


You may wish to pause at this juncture to talk and dance, I will leave that to you. 


Round 3

24 Dust Devil - Unharmed - 3 HP

22 Venom - Unharmed - 2 HP

12 Mr. Sting - Unharmed

10 Setho the Sorcerer - Unharmed

9 - Giant Snakes - 1 Unharmed, 1 Stunned

1 - Abdul - CON at 2 (Poison effect round 11)


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