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Timothy's Bistro

Midtown, Freedom City, New Jersey

Wednesday October 3, 2018, 5:10 PM


Megan Howell-Harrow led Lulu Beaumont up to the entrance to Timothy's Bistro for their dinner reservation.  Megan had arranged to schedule bi-weekly time to meet with Lulu over either coffee or for dinner.  Given that Lulu was living on campus at Claremont while classes were in session, it provided a good way for Megan to check in with how Lulu was doing and see if there were things that she needed help with.  It also helped to continue building a relationship with Lulu, which was going to be important for the next several years while the teenager was at Claremont.


Due to Lulu focusing on getting into the rhythm of her new school and other things, tonight was actually the first chance they had for such a meeting since the start of classes.  But Megan was determined to ensure that they made this time on a regular basis going forward. 


She had picked up Lulu from campus over half an hour ago, but they had faced rush hour traffic in getting to the well-known restaurant.  "Next time we will pick someplace closer to the school, or plan for a different time to better avoid rush hour."  Megan said with a smile as they made their way inside.  Giving her name to the hostess, there was another brief wait as they ensured the pair’s table was ready.


"So, how have things been going so far?"  Megan asked with a small smile as she looked over to Lulu as they waited to be seated.

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Lulu had been looking forward to seeing Ms. Harrow again; it seemed like forever since they'd last been together, and she had so much to talk about! She was wearing a leather jacket, red pullover, black jeans and red All-Stars, a look that she and Megan had put together during their shopping trip last month, and she loved the way she looked in it.


At the restaurant, the young Southerner was eagerly trying to get a look at the whole place (using just a hint of her Gift) when the older heroine asked her question. "Oh, it's been fine, ah guess. Ah don't get along with everyone, but that's life, know what ah mean? Ah haven't gotten into any hair-pullin' fights, so that's a nice change." Then she paused and sighed. "Classes...are hard, or at least some of them are; Claremont is just a harder school than ah'm used to, but ah ask for help from my teachers when ah get stuck. Aaaaand ah don't peek into the heads of the smart kids, 'cause that's rude and wrong." She sighed again, then laughed; clearly, she'd been tempted to peek.

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Megan listened as Lulu generally discussed how things had been going so far over the first month of school.  Overall it sounded as if things were going about as well as could be expected.  The fact she was having some difficulty with some of the classes was not at all unexpected and at least it did not sound like she was completely at a loss in them, at least not yet.


"Well, classes being harder is not to be unexpected."  Megan replied with a small smile.  "Taking the initiative to go to the teachers for help is good.  Which classes are proving the most problematic so far?"  She asked.  "We can work to get you some tutors to help with those, that was there will be less temptation to try to peek into the heads of the smart kids.  And of course, it never hurts to become friends with a couple of the smart kids as well, as they can often help if you needed it as well."

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