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Tiffany Korta

Space Adventures: Silver Dream Machine

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The Traveller

Sitara considered all the options for a moment before finally speaking


“The good news is this doesn’t look like the ships AI, in fact, I think the system might be down because of whatever happened to the ship. Unexplained power burst fit with a jump engine discharge.”


She checked the information on the holo on her wrist before adding.


“Besides I doubt the wall systems work down here, they expect their Engineers to know where everything is on a ship! So feel free, if trouble starts I’ll be here to help.”

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"haha, thanks...I am a bit more capable than I look but it's nice to have back up." He commented as he removed one of the suits gloves and flexed his fingers in the air of the cabin for a moment and moving it slowly towards the wall.


It wasn't a certain thing that the wall interface wasn't present so he kept cautious as he brushed his fingers over the metal and down towards the control panel looking for anything anomalous to his touch.

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GM Post

Compared to the almost sereneness of the ship now Facsimile was filled with memories of a ship in chaos, alarms blaring and various Lor running down the corridor. It looked like a typical scene from one of the many Earth Sci-fi shows and movies.


Suddenly there was a wall of electricity running down the corridor, sweeping away everything as it did, until it passed the point they were and no more Lor in the area anymore. Though for a moment he thought he’d seen a form of a humanoid made out of the streaming electricity...

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"hmm well....it seems whatever got them they knew well enough to run away from at least...some wall of electricity that seemed to sweep away everything it passed over, might have even been aware and intelligent from how it seemed to be chasing them down....think I even saw a vaguely humanoid figure in it." he recounted as he pulled away and rubbed his temples "still not used to doing that you know?" He explained as he shook it off.


"But yeah Electricity seems to be it's thing, put on your gumshoes if you got any."

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