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North, West, and East


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Round 1


21 - Shockers [6]

19 Dr D - Unharmed

16 Captain - Unharmed


The shockers will get into the water and start moving, firing as they do so:


: 6#1d20+6 14 24 25 8 25 26 which is a nasty set of rolls. 


These are damage 6 penetrating electricity effects. I maje that a very unfortunate 3 hits (DC 21 each) and one crit (DC 26!)

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Ah yes I forgot! (phew!)


Ill waive the HP cost for instant counter as it was so bloody brutal and, to my mind, qualifies as an "awful result". 


So DC 21 Tough Saves x4 you get: 15, 22, 14, 15. Enough for three bruises and a daze!


Do you wish to post that horror? In addition, I think you need a concentration check. As you are probably only using 1 rank, its a DC 11 COncentration check. If failed, its a splosh in the water so relatively low DC 16 Tough Check. 


Dr Deoxy - 1 HP - Bruised x3

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Round 2


21 - Shockers [3]

21 - Shockers at base [3]

19 Dr D - Bruised x3, 1 HP

16 Captain - Unharmed


So splitting the Bruisers and the Captain who will progress (the Captain flying!) to the main base. 


That leaved Dr D in the lapping waves with three shockers around him. Who will again fire...


Fire at Dr D: 1d20+6 18 missing, and lets do the other two together this time (idiot me)


Blast Dr D: 2#1d20+6 7 23 one of them hits, another DC 21 Tough Save. 


Also, Dr D may make a Knowledge [Behavioural Sciences] check DC 20


The shockers look rather blank faced and...well...stupid. It as if they have some brain damage! They are not complete idiots but seem to be totally dedicated and focussed on the task, and lack creativity or spark

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Toughness save!




Behavioural science



Free action: change evolving tech to radial blast, keeping boosters on other array.


Move action to center on left behind shockers.


Standard action: taking 10 for 20 against their defense, DC25 toughness save (autofire)


Move by action to catch up to them who left and surge to do the same to them. Assuming i can't also get the captain (who i can't take 10 against)

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So the Captain will shoot electricity again!


Shoots Electricity: 1d20+8 11


And as a move action! Zam! Poof! Teleport!

As this is some distance away, a notice roll needed! I cant see any extended super senses, so DC 20 to spot him. 


Round 3 I think

19 Dr D - Bruised x3, 1 HP

16 Solar Flare - Unharmed, 500' Away

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