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Golgotha Tenement Blues OOC

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I'm basically waiting for the others to clear the bystander out of the office so I can get a snack and start reading the gang leader's mind through his blood.

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Here's some rolls to save time. You can always toss 'em out if the next couple of IC posts invalidate them somehow.


He'll be using his blood-based Super-Senses (Postcognition) and Mind Reading powers.


Notes on Postcog from UP:

You can make Notice and Search checks to pick up on past information in an area or from a subject. The Gamemaster sets the DC for these checks based on how obscure and distant in the past the information is, from DC 15 (for a vague vision that may or may not be accurate) to DC 30 (for near complete knowledge of a particular past event as if you were actually present).


If required:

Notice check: 16

Search check: 10

Mister Strix's Mind Reading effect has -Requires Grapple, but his target is unconscious, so he automatically wins that check.

Here's the Mind Reading check: 16.

If I'm allowed to coup-de-grace (the Mind Reading effect isn't Perception-range, it's Touch-range, it requires an attack roll, so a case could be made), then it's an automatic critical for 21.


Regardless, the gang leader opposes that check result with his steadily-increasing Will save.


He's doing a mind probe.

If I won the opposed check, then I get the answer to one question I ask the GM.


Since the Mind Reading effect has a duration of Instant (Lasting), the victim gets a new save every round to kick me out, with a cumulative +1 bonus per round.

Each round he doesn't kick me out, I get another question.

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Just gonna doa  batch of resist mind reading rolls adding one as it goes.  12, 6, 19, 6, 10, 15, 5, 15, 20, 11  Alright that'll increment up to 12, 7, 21, 9, 14, 20, 11, 22, 28, 20  You have the higher mod so tie goes to you  That'll be 7 questions.


Post cog is a bit scattered.  There are alot of flashes of minor violence and theft but it's all layered over with the haze of pretty extensive drug use.  Mostly stimulants leading to an overall narrative of a tarantino directors cut.  Salient points you can pick out are a pair of yearbook pictures from High School 005.  One is of the girl in the other room, the other a slightly younger boy not looking at the camera and clutching a battered backpack covered in what look like some kind of military patches but no recognizable insignia just machine embroidered serial numbers woven through that memory is the scent of gasoline.  Also an address of a warehouse down near the Rook Island terminal.  It's harder than usual to pick out how recent and what order those memories come in.

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He has an apartment building but no apartment number, seems to be part of why they went after the girl first.

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I think the three of you can go ahead and keep talking amongst yourselves. I kinda doubled-up on posts last "round" as it was, and I think I'm outta stuff to talk about until you get back. So don't wait on me, just keep posting!

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Heh. Nevermind. I came up with something to post after all.


Using Extra Effort to power-stunt Super-Strength 9 as a temporary alternate power on the main array.



If you want to attack an object that you have in-hand or that no one is preventing you from attacking, such as smashing down a door, bending a metal bar, snapping bonds, or cutting through a wall with a Blast power, you can apply force more effectively. This requires a full-round action. Instead of rolling, assume the object’s Toughness save result is equal to (5 + Toughness). Super-Strength adds +1 per rank to your normal Strength bonus for damaging objects in this way (and only in this way). If your damage bonus is equal to the object’s Toughness, you break it, 5 or more than the object’s Toughness, you destroy it automatically.

(Str +8) + (Super-Str 1) + (Stunted Super-Str 9) = 18


Steel is Toughness 10.


18 is "5 or more" than 10, so he's temporarily got what he needs to destroy beyond repair every weapon he can find on the gang.


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