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S.H.A.D.O.W. of Doubt


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Let me get initiative from folks for initial scuffle. Bombshell's going at 19 . She and Jack will get an HP for the mooks getting a surprise round; firing at Talya (who's +12 on Def). Specimen will get an HP for being the one to catch the baddies attention. 


Attack 1 : 17 MISS

Attack 2 : 15 MISS

Attack 3: 12 MISS

Attack 4: 28 HIT

Attack 5: 20 MISS


Talya's save vs DC25: 17


Talya is Bruised and Dazed at the start of combat. You are all welcome to post a reaction to the combat starting up that doesn't involve rolls while getting everyone's initiatives up but you don't have to post a reaction if you want to wait for your turn in combat. Optional post! 


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He's not going to save from that so I'm not going to bother rolling. Plus it works dramatically. How about you can take down one more mook rather than all the ones you should get to take down and I'll give you another HP to bank later for the daring plane escape! You can go ahead and post an IC taking out the leader and a gunman of your choice! There are reinforcements likely coming despite taking the radio guy out because dramatic timing!

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I think Lulu is going to target one of the dirty Ruskies with a sleep Stun,  preferably one of the ones closest to Talya. If she can keep more than one of them asleep at a time via Sedation, she will do so, in anticipation of Stunning another one next round; otherwise, she'll let him recover naturally.


DC 20 Will save vs Stun for the thug.

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