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Thunder King

Specialized Freedom League Auxillary Team

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As per the Discord channel, I came up with an idea. Freedom League Auxiliary Specialty Teams.


Here are a couple of good ideas so far;


Marine Response Team: Basically a team of people who are good on the water and can do ocean rescue and/or fight illegal activity on the ocean.


Disaster Relief/Response Team: Team of people who are especially good at moving debris, providing medical relief and/or search and rescue.


Plus whatever other people think of.


I imagine some of these teams would be standing teams, while others might be reservists. Independent heroes who might get a call to help with a sudden problem.


Does this idea have merit, does anyone else have any other ideas?


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Even though Miracle Girl might seem like the obvious choice, these two threads back in the day showed Grim (and me!) that she has something unique to offer in terms of disaster relief. I don't see this as a full-time position, but she would definitely offer her name up as a DR/RT reservist.

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Torpedo Lass volunteers for sea duty!
Also Levity is willing to take the call if there is a crisis in mid-air. Not only can she fly to get into an aircraft, she can fly it if the pilot's unconscious.
Once I get Sakurako sorted out she'd be happy to take a call to handle any high-tech missions.

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Queenie and Pacer/Stalwart are good for disaster relief, and Queenie can do underwater as well. She's not a specialist, but she can help.


Also, Terrifica says a braintrust is a good idea, too. Get the eggheads together for times when you need industrial strength heavy duty thinkin' done.

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Black Mamba can work in both Disaster relief as well as Underwater, flight and lifesupport ftw.


And he's a member of the Auxillary...I should really update his minion she'd come in handy on both as well.

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