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Rig the first battle suit


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Made during the cold war the rig protosuit would have been revolutionary, would being the key word an explosive accident killing the only people who know about it a long time later (modern) a man stumbles upon it bored out of his mind he starts to repair it. When he decides to try it he's a natural at and decides this can be a job.

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Well the concept is perfectly fine, Rig, but that's not enough to make any judgment on. The Manual has a bunch of Sample Builds in the Getting Started section. 


Also fair warning there's not really a job or money in helping out with disasters or protecting people from superpowered or superskilled types. Put some numbers to that idea, and let's see how it turns out. 

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For powers homing missle1 chaingun1 armor8 strengh enhahnment 1 stats might be a bit too high though strengh 7 agility 4 fighting 9 awareness 6 stamina 9 dex 7 int 10 presence 4 before you ask me and my brother rolled d10s ps cant find the geting started section

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Name rig


Catchphrase you bet this fight is rigged 


Theme prototype wooden toaster



Enemy a war vet who volunteered to be subject to a new robotic body 

Reputation being the first battlesuit it of course draws attention both good and bad.



Str 12/34(+1/+12)

Dex 10 (+0)



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@Rig It would help a lot, Rig, to just take one of the example sheets the Refs have made, like this one and give it some flavor and then ask for advice, or to come on Discord and talk it over. Since you're new to the system and all, better to start with a ready-built PC instead of making one before getting a grasp of how the game works and what you do or do not like.

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