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Dynamic Toughness/Defense tradeoff?


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I asked this on discord but without us ever really getting to a decision, so putting it out here.


According to the manual, you can have different tradeoffs for different attacks.

But what about different tradeoffs for different defenses?


My thinking was a character that would have the base +5 Toughness, +5 Defense scores. Then, array that could give up to +10 Toughness or up to +10 Defense, via powers like Force Field, Protection, Enhanced Defense or something like that. It could possibly be a dynamic array, allowing the character to shift along the axis.


Is that something that is allowed? 

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@RocketLord, troll's made a build like that to represent Midnight here, but it of course depends on the concept and what the intended "look" is. Can they manipulate gravity around themselves to slow attacks, harden electrons around them, make themselves lighter and more agile, etc. Are they a water being who can change states, someone phasing through different dimensions relative to this one, with different results depending on their location? Are they a robot man with a supercomputer in his head and augmentations?

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To be honest, I'm not quite sure what the character's power and such are at the moment, but this was an idea that popped up, but I thought I'd ask before committing myself to it. The build does something along the lines of what I was thinking, with a character being able to move up and down on the two axes.

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