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Shadow of the Accord - The First Circle


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Bedlam City. It's a place where shadowy tendrils weave in and out of its machinations. Crime saturates the streets, and with a shortage of good Samaritans to keep the darkly-lit alleys safe, villainy remains unchecked. Only a select few have the courage and wherewithal to fight the war that festers in the heart of this urban Wisconsin jungle, but even then it's an uphill battle.


Things have taken a turn, and not for the better. Rumors ride on the winds and through the slum-ridden bars of fresh competition, their corruption and mysterious agenda as much a hot topic for gossip as it is a malignant tumor. The magical community is in a quiet uproar, rife with dread and no small measure of desperation. Even the local crimelords only ever dare whisper their name for fear of drawing their wrath down upon them:


The Accord.


It's Bedlam's best worst-kept secret: there's a big play coming, and the Accord is at its head as magical armaments and subtle but seemingly impossible crimes tear through the disquieted metropolis with silent, unknown purpose. The whole city can feel it as old contacts go dark and lesser organizations go to ground in preparation for what might be coming. It's going to fall to the few vigilantes -- magical or otherwise -- courageous enough to stand up to the Accord before their nefarious plot unfurls and wreaks havoc across the city.


Hello! If you're reading this, I'm looking to start some shenanigans over in Bedlam City. Magic and crime are both on the rise, and anyone savvy enough to beat it out of some unfortunate mook to spill the truth or grab hold of some of the bizarre arcane gear they're wielding and track down its origin can discern its source: the Accord, a clandestine magical mafioso-type outfit who's recently taken root in Bedlam City for their own nefarious purposes. I can swing two more folks at most, as @Ecalsneerg and @Tarrakhash are guaranteed a spot if they so choose. Expect plenty of investigating and fighting in equal measure as the heroes race to uncover the Accord's scheme and put a stop to it before it's too late!


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