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Nicole's back stiffened as the mini-projectile shot past her ear. Then her grin widened, plastered to her face, as she realized that someone had basically fired a warning shot from a gun at her. She wasn't any stranger with people shooting at her in her armor, as safe as she was inside it, but it was an entierly different beast wearing nothing but the shirt on her back.


At Ajasoro's welcome (as if nothing happened), Nicole moved through the doorway, still smiling stiffly. So maybe Ajasaro really was the real deal. Princess of the most technological nation on Earth and all that fun Jazz. But before she could retort to Ajasoro, she noticed the tense looking girl pull out a scanner and wave it at her. Up and down, most likely sweeping for weapons. Nicole would even bet it flashed green when it invariably found nothing on her.


What a waste of time when three-fourths of the people in this school didn't need a weapon to be dangerous themselves.


"I like not getting shot at or scanned in the mornings. Thank you," Nicole said stiffly, eyeing both Ajasoro and Ashley in turn, daring them to dispute her. "It's like my breakfast dessert. You're going to start a fight or several if you go about like you do, you know. Lucky for you I'm the friendly sort." She scoffed. As if she'd be up to a fist fight against anyone right now.


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In a flash of glittering rainbow light Astrid made her introduce back on Earth. She had just come back from visiting her brother Anders in Asgard and had wanted to teleport right back in her room so she could immediately crash on her bed after a long day of catching up with her very extended family. Porrklubba apparently had different plans because instead of being in her room, she was in the middle of the hallway surrounded by other students. 


"Oh helsike," she muttered under her breath. Putting Porrklubba downwards as if to hid the magical baseball bat and her embarrassment at the same time, Astrid figured she might as well use the opportunity introduce herself to her floormates. 


"Sup. Name's Astrid. Sorry about just showing up out of nowhere. That happens sometimes."

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"Been in fights before," said Ashley with a flippant shrug. "Got out of 'em." She met Nicole's gaze for a moment, then away with an eyeroll that was classic "Whatever." 


"You may have seen Ashley on TV," confided Jaycee almost apologetically, "she's the-" 


"Hmm." Astrid's arrival made Judy yelp in surprise - but Ashley looked ready for it, shooting a cool gaze into the corridor even as she slid one hand in her jacket pocket. 


"Wow!" said Judy after a moment, "you just...beamed in! That's cool," she said with a smile. "Do you have a teleporting gadget?" 


"Lucky the shields aren't up," said Ashley, grumbling as she leaned back against the wall. "Splat you.



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Monica turned her attention away from the people in her room for just a moment to click a few buttons in one of her mobile games now that the most recent cooldown had run out, and somehow, chaos ensued. Was this what she’d be dealing with for the next 3 years? And of course, there already was some animosity.


It was high school, after all. So long as it’d stay at a few people being irritating Monica didn’t care much, but if this went further she’d have to get involved. Without looking up from her phone (the timed event would be unavailable soon!), she re-joined the conversation.


“Sure hope people here can keep secrets. Last thing I need is more threatening letters and packages being sent to me.  


Nonchalantly, after a short pause she added:


“Or crazy people shouting at my window.”

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Nicole could have sworn she jumped a little in her seat at Astrid's entrance. "Hey! Couldn't you take the bus?"


She unruffled the blanket over her legs, trying to look like she just hadn't startled like a deer caught in the headlights. She turned to Ashley and said, "Anyway, my cat's been in fights before too. And I would have remembered you if you had appeared on TV. Guess you aren't that special, Miss Dark and Brooding."


It didn't matter that she'd never had a cat. Miss Dark and Brooding was getting on her nerves. Then she crossed her arms and turned her torso as far away from the so-edgy-it-hurt-edgelord and looked the other new students in turn. Her eyebrows raising a considerable amount as she recognized who she was with.


"The new Lady Liberty? Da-a-amn," She half-sang then swiped at her nose with her thumb, leaving a smirk behind. "Heh. I bet old white boys and rednecks love you, or rather, love to hate on you."


She wheeled backwards as if to take the whole scene. A trigger-happy foreign royal, a conservative's Public Enemy #1, Fight Club as teenage girls, and someone who needed to get a driver's license.


"Well this is just cute."

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Astrid turned to the girl with a smile on her face and her scrawling counterpart. 


"Nope. Well, maybe yes. It's complicated," Astrid said, trying to explain.


Determining whether magical baseball bats forged by the equally magical dwarves counted as a technological device was one of those theoretical questions that tended to make Astrid's brain just humming one of her favorite songs.


Figuring it was just better to show her Porrklubba up close, Astrid walked up to the smiling girl and past her broody friend (what was her problem?) with her bat rested firmly on her shoulder. 


"I used this teleport in," she said, indicating Porrklubba. "It's a magic weapon that my father had made for me. It can teleport me around and do a tons of other stuff too. I call it Porrklubba."

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White Lioness

This was fascinating and all with all these potential heroes just chatting away, and something that she'd never have seen until she came here, but it was getting a smidge crowded in here.


"May I suggest that we all move to the common room? We still need to at least attempt to unpack a little!"


She'd chosen her words with some care, as she'd noticed certain behaviours in her new roommate. Since taking on the mantle of the Lioness she's been able to observe many things that even her keen eye would have missed before. As people shuffle around Àjàṣorò made her way over to Monica and whispered in her ear


"If you wish to feel free to remain in our room, I will play the part of the dutiful host. And if you wish to talk about your struggles later you will find I have a good ear."

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"You probably know her by her other name - Watchdog," said Judy with great confidence as she gave Nicole a steely-eyed look. "Mah sister fought the Raven and lived to tell about it. She could have taken him down, too, if she'd really wanted it." 


Suddenly grateful for the distraction provided by their host, but unable by her role to say so, Ashley nodded in White Lioness's direction, making sure to keep herself between Judy and the bat as the girls exited the dorm room. Well Jaycee was certainly getting her money's worth out of the hallway tour, she mused. 


"A...magic bat?" Judy was asking Astrid, sounding more confused than anything else. "What kind of magic goes in a baseball bat?" 

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Alright, Pink-Tips suddenly wasn’t as bad. At least she was quiet about this stuff, not like … whatever her name was. Was she looking to pick a fight? Because from Monica’s point of view, it looked like she was on the best track to antagonize the entirety of the floor.


Granted, maybe that was what the older students did here. Monica had certainly heard of things like that happening before, so who knew. Nothing she didn’t already know, nothing she couldn’t handle one way or another. Her little act only added fire to the fuel, and Monica could feel something build inside her, which then manifested in an audible “Ugh.”, of course accompanied by rolling eyes.


Her roommate’s suggestion came just at the right time, and was something that reassured Monica that perhaps, this wasn’t that bad of a, well forced, choice after all. It would’ve probably been the easy choice to just stay behind, but Monica didn’t really want to just be the outsider already? She responded, in the same volume.


“Much appreciated, but I may as well figure out who I’m gonna be living with for the next few years, I can always bail if I wanna. “

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"You're kidding, right," Nicole said, looking from one sister to the other. The peppy one seemed confident of the fact and this didn't seem like one of those things younger siblings got lied about and believe. Like they were adopted or something.


"You're serious."


Now she was really interested and she leaned forward, hands on her knees. She'd watched the video like most everybody else and Watchdog was wearing a helmet. She'd be forgiven if she couldn't figure out secret identities. "So let me get this straight, she," and Njcole jabbed a thumb at Ashley. "Was taken into custody by Raven and what, got sent to this school instead of time in juvie? Wow, that's... hmm."


She honestly didn't know what to think of that. On one hand, by all rights and purposes she was supposed to be arrested and jailed but anyone could have taken pity on her and sent her here to be reeducated instead. Guess that tough and angry vigilante in the video was still a tough and angry teen here.


"Guess he must have liked you."


Nicole looked back, confused. Was it something she did? It was supposed to be a compliment, because if those kinds of people were popping a vein in anger, then you know you were doing something right. Right? But instead, Monica was acting like she was dribbling drool down her chin.


Jeeze. This floor was pretty weird and that was saying something.


Nevertheless, Nicole accompanied them to the common room, hanging back just a little from the congregation of sophomores, a little put out. Her chin rested on the palm of her hand as she maneuvered her wheelchair around and beside Astrid.

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