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Road trip... of the Damned

Tiffany Korta

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Wading Station, North End, Freedom City
7:30 pm 4th September 2018

It had taken a year to arrange everyone schedules, mostly it's was true Lucy's schedule, but finally, they were free to take there road trip across the country.

The place that she'd chosen to meet up with Nicole was Wadling station and old Art Deco station that she remembered from her breathing life, the contrast between that and the modern building just reminded her how her life was now.


With her standard sunglasses, she lent on the body of the car that they'd be using for this road trip, a '63 soft top Corvette in black, obvious her assistances idea of a joke. It was probably lucky that she couldn't find a Model T-Ford car or this trip would have taken so much longer.

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  • 3 weeks later...

It took Nicola some time to leave Bedlam (her girlfriend could move at super speed but she could not), but a few trips along the rails later had her train arriving at Wading Station.  Aside from the attempted (and immediately halted) mugging on the Bedlam leg of the trip it was all in all uneventful.


She had her luggage, a phone to get in touch with Anna, and a smile on her face when she saw her best friend and sister-in-death Lucy.  "Hey girl," the vampire said, folding Lucy into a hug.  "Nice ride."

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Lucy Harker

Lucy popped the trunk and offered to take the bag off of Nicole's hands, she hardly felt the weight after all.


"Someone has quite the sense of humor it's true, we're probably lucky that we're not driving a hearse the whole way! Still, shes like me a lovely old bird, and much easier to drive than my old Model T!" she grinned before adding "Don't worry I've driven since then and my license is completely up to date, I can even drive a stick shift like this one!"


She opened the passenger door to Nicole with an exaggerated gesture


"We should be able to make good time and make it to town before daybreak."

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  • 2 weeks later...

"Admittedly, a hearse would be pretty neat," Nicola said, sliding into seat on the passenger side.  She had her sunglasses on even though Lucy said they'd be stopping before Daybreak.  People generally found the way she looked at them unsettling, which was a reasonable response from something that was effectively food.


"So, what's our first destination?" she asked once Lucy settled into her own seat.

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Lucy Harker

Once in the safety of the car Lucy did the opposite putting the sunglasses on top of her head, revealing the coal black pit's that were her eyes. They gave her perfect vision in the dark but she didn't want to risk accidentally hurting someone else, she'd never driven this far and wasn't sure on any downside on her eyes.


"I thought we'd head generally westward, sticking to the back roads for now. I don't think I'm quite ready for the Freeway yet. I've got a few places picked out depending on the route."


She gestured towards the cell phone gently balanced on the dashboards, Lucy might be old but she was smart enough to use modern technology when it suited her


"Don't worry I watch all the details as they went in, I'd hate to think where Erica would have sent us otherwise!"

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"Nothing we couldn't handle," Nicola said, relaxing back into her seat.  She was relaxed and fed--she almost had a real body temperature--and was just looking forward to being on the road regardless of what trouble they do or don't run in.


Then she sat up, frowning and started to fish through the pockets on her jacket frantically before giving up after a few moments.  "Damn," she murmured, "Supposed to have travel mix somewhere.  Must have left it on the nightstand."

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Lucy Harkness

She might have been driving before even this car was made, but she was a fairly competent and conscientious driver. She liked to remind herself that whilst she was more or less indestructible everyone one else on the road wasn't.


"Try the radio, I'm sure it's one of those fancy modern ones, Erica couldn't travel anywhere without a something like that."


Indeed the radio did look suspiciously modern, though someone had taken some effort to make it fit the cars stylings.


"At some point, you'll have to indulge me with some of my taste for Jazz, but it long trip so pick what you want. I have pretty broad tastes!"

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Nicola is, one could argue, rather young for someone who is counted among the unliving.  So, really, she wasn't much different than other twenty-somethings when it came to music.


The vampire fished about in her coat for her phone, then paired it to the car radios Bluetooth.


"Erica did right by you," she said, flashing a grin at Lucy, as the strains of Pendulum started to come from the cars speakers.

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Lucy Harker

As the sounds of the music filled the car they pulled onto the streets of Freedom City making for the Freeway out of the city that Lucy had spent most of her life (and unlife), she’d been out of the city before but a road trip was a much bigger deal.


“I’d give her a raise if she wasn’t my intern!” Lucy added with a wry smile, as the energetic music continued unabated “Are you sure that these are your friends!” she added with a laugh.


She raised her hand to stop the obvious complaints.


“Actually I kind of like the beats, when we hit a big city we’ll have to go dancing. Or whatever it’s called now! This old girls still go some moves in her!”

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  • 3 weeks later...

Nicola laughed.


"I'd like that," she said.  "Maybe you can teach me some of those moves."  It was only recently that the vampire took an interest in dancing, it tended to satisfy two appetites, though these days she had a partner that more than satisfactory.  Prior to leaving Freedom City, which was preceded by hunting the Master across Europe, a convent, prison and homelessness she had no real time or reason to dance.


"I just wanted something with a little, you know, energy, to kick this trip off right.  We can put on old people music later."

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Lucy Harker

“You’ve obviously not listened to the good stuff, raised the roof back in my day. And not so much of the old!” she replies with a laugh of her own.


Something must have touched a nerve as after a few seconds of though, as they began to cruise down the Freeway, she added


“Though it’s crazy to think that it was almost hundred years soon. I’m two hundred and also thirty-seven, that would have almost made me an old maid now it’s just the beginning of it all!” with a smile she added



“Don’t worry I’m not going all melancholic on you, I guess it something that all immortals figure out at some point.”

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