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Texan BBQ (OOC)


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ooc for this


The normal slightly jarring railroading, apologies. Feel free to narrate whatever entry you want (within reason!). Broadly speaking, Goss has been called down by WESt as per IC. Queenie just gets mixed up in mad science and is down there as celebrity chef (or however you want!)

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Sure. I was going to have that in the intro. 


YOu can assume that WEST have a truck with various equipment in it parked at the BBQ. However, due to the time needed to pull this together and size constraints, it is not top quality. So no tricoder, and a -2 penalty to on-site knowledge / craft rolls (what we are talking about is low end university / top range high school stuff). 

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Even At this distance, its still a relatively minor explosion for Maybelle, A damage 2 area effect, so Reflex DC 12 and then Toughness 17 or 16 respectively. It is, however, lethal damage. 


Her force field will lamentably not be up, however! And given thats a bit mean and you did such excellent work with the cooking (great posts), this will combine to earn her an HP!


Queenie - 2 HP - Unharmed

Gossamer - 2HP - Unharmed

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Round 1


23 Smokey

21 Greenfingers

19 Gossamer [2 HP]

17 Smokeys Buddies [3]

7 Queenie [1 HP]


Smokey is using full defence to gain +4 to defence

Greenfingers is attempting to strike him. Striking Smokey: 1d20+10 16

But Missing. 


Goassamer is up


PS: I have made a small edit to IC to reflect above. 

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Gossamer is going to attempt to grapple Smokey, as he seems to be the most troublesome; I forget exactly house the house ruled grapple rules work, but I'm pretty sure they still involve a to hit check. She's not using all hed hair, preferring to keep some of it free.




Unless Smokey has some tricks up his sleeve, I assume he's not getting out of that! I'll await your response then quickly reply thereafter.

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