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Puzzle Box: Key of Three (OOC)

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Hmm did i fail to successfully mimic sam as they are a being? Just curious,


I'd like to try and trick sam!


gonna grab a jar of honey and talk big about how tasty it is to see if i can convince him to leap into it and screw the lid closed trapping him inside potentially! 's gotta be water tight to hold clear honey right?


Trick is a bluff check so ill roll that preemptively (against his bluff or sense motive) and have a IC come up with my spiel


1d20+14=34 hooray!



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Ex> If its ok with you I think fiating against mimicing the key would be best as it might flummox the thread. Id suggest that works as something magic etc, but in any case it would be worth an HP? If you feel that grates against your head-canon we can roll with it and see what I can do!


I wont even bother rolling against that trick! :D

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I am happy for you guys to suggest anywhere! (We dont want to play out a long list of false leads!)


My suggestion is a chocolate factory or shop (? William Kerr's Choclatorium) in Freedom City 


Or The Annual Scouts of America Camping Trip in Wharton State Forest, with its annual Marshmellow toasting feast held this evening. 


You can think up anything you want. If you make a DC 15 Know (Business or Current Events depending on what you are thinking) Ill give you a little advantageous insight knowledge on the event / place. 

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I like the idea of the Scouts of America camping trip and helping them earn their "Capture a Magical Talking Key Badge." Maybe Richard's a camper, and this presents him with an opportunity to one-up his super-powered brother - either by snagging the key himself, or playing devil's advocate and stirring the pot by secretly (or not so secretly!) supporting it in its sweet-toothed pursuits! :D

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no intention of staying in this form but here are the stats!


Array 12 ("Weather man"; PF: Alternate Power 1) [25pp]

BE: Enviromental Control 12 ("Rain storm"; Visability (1: -4 to search and notice checks with visual sense) Cold (1: Intense cold) and Wind(2: whole bunch of stuff, -2 to auditory based notice and search, extinguish unprotected flames automatically, -2 to thrown weapons attack (can sacrifice effective ranks for stronger effects up to hurricane force winds 25,000ft radius) Extras:  Selective attack Flaws: Duration (concentration) . Range (touch),Distracting [24/24pp]

AE: Blast 10( "Weather Pain"; PF: Accurate 2, Precise, Variable descriptor 1 (Weather) 24/24 pp) [1pp]


Flight 4 (100 mph 1000ft a round)


Insubstantial 2 ("cloud man"; Gaseous)


Protection 6

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Just to note, Pixie has stunted Invisibility (affects others) on Grumpy and Grumpy alone (no more PP for anything else!) based on her invisibility power. It is sustained duration, so if she gets stunned etc it may be lost. 


For reference


Puzzle Pixie - Unharmed, Fatigued. 


If you can think of any other cool way to get inside via sneak or fast talking or just diplomacy, go ahead!

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Since all the cool kids are doing it, Baxter'll use Extra Effort (and a Hero Point to ignore the strain ;)) to stunt ESP off of his Bee-Keeper Armor Array as such:


ESP 5 (5 Miles, Audio & Visual Senses; Feats: Enhanced Skill 4 [Search +12], Subtle) + Quickness 5 (x50) [20PP] - Hundreds of Itty-Bitty Bee Drones!


He'll also go ahead and make that Search check to comb the area of Tabitha via wherever the most chocolate is missing: ESP Search Check +14 to Find Tabitha 1d20+14 = 22 [1d20=8]

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