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Okay, round 5


+1 HP to Forever Boy 


Round 5

Echohead: Unharmed, 1HP

Facsimile: Unharmed, 0HP

The Blackguards: Bruised(x2)Platinum Porpoise, Bound(x2, Create Object 10(Veronica Danger), Snare 9(Forever Boy), Bruised(x1)Electrum Eagle-GM

Forever Boy: Unharmed, 1HP

Veronica Danger: Unharmed, 3HP


@Supercape When you're ready.


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Forgot the changes.

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Ok so nothing fancy, another psychic attack on PP: Paralyse 10 (DC 20 Will Attack). That will mean shifting the array so no more mind reading / feedback. 

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Platinum Porpoise DC20 Will save: 14. Failed by 6, so Paralyzed, Helpless.


Fight is over!


To focus in on Facsimile:



Feet of clay: Alex assimilates most features of the materials he mimics, especially any flaws or drawbacks that might entail such as increased vulnerability to some descriptors or even weakness to substances it might react with.

Calling upon this, with +1 HP to Facsimile, to conjure up a new threat to the team!


His "Door" form begins to collapse in on itself as the dimensional flux of the battle activates the other DR, which starts to turn Alex into a dimensional nexus of the Omniverse! If the process isn't averted, Alex the person will cease to exist and a giant portal will start consuming this dimension! 


(Yes we know he succeeds to be at next Claremont assembly, but still!)


Making matters worse: 



You are late for your one o’clock meeting!  As one of the family representatives of Danger International in Freedom City, Veronica and her cousin have been assigned a personal assistant, Prudence, who has the daunting task of trying to keep the two Danger cousins on schedule. 

Prudence, who'd seen the apparently successful apprehension  of the aliens, has stepped into the room at just the right time to get caught by a stray surge of interdimensional gravity! She's on a collision course for the portal, with mere moments  to catch her before someone has to dive into Alex after her. +1 HP to Veronica.


What do you do?

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If its ok with you, using knowledge (Physical Sciences or Technology - both have the same bonus) as a reaction to see if there is any comic book science solution. Like firing a blaster pistol at the wave to create a quasi-collapsed hyperdimensional loop or something...


Knowledge physicalology: 1d20+11 20

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Well for Veronica it is pretty easy, she is throwing up a force construct between Prudence and the gateway, to stop the PA from getting sucked through.

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