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Help me build my Power


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I suck when it comes to arrays. Below is a list of things I would like to try and include. I would appreciate any atempt to build this; naturally, the cheaper the better.

Water Array

Blast: Water 10

Extras: Area-Line, Penetrating

Feats: Indirect, Selective, Split Attack, Accurate

DAP: Create Object: Water 10

Extras: Continuous

Feats: Innate, Progression x5 {250 cubic ft.}, Snare, Suffocate

AP: Water Control 20

Water Walk


Favored Environment: Water

Environmental Adaptation: Water

Immunity: Pressure, Breath Underwater, Cold


ESP (visual and audio) - water must be present at both sights.

And here is another one:

How would a color manipulator be made? Since I want it to be a real change I went with Transform rather than Illusion.

TRANSFORM (3 /rank)

extra: Duration-Continuous

flaws: Colors only

feats: Accurate, Precise

alt power: Concealment (visual, affects others)

alt power: Dazzle (visual) - turn corneas opaque

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Color Control is, believe it or not, a power in Ultimate Power! The default is a 2pp/rank Sustained Ranged Transform effect. And Concealment/Invisibility and Visual Dazzle are two sample alt effects!

As for the Water Control array, here's one example

Water Control 20 (PFs: 4 APs)

AP 1: Blast 10 (Extras: 100-ft. x 5-ft. Line Area, Penetrating)

AP 2: Create Object 10 (Extra: Movable; PFs: Innate, Progression 5, Stationary, Tether)

AP 3: ESP 9 (anywhere on Earth, auditory & visual; Flaw: Medium [water])

AP 4: Snare 10 (Extras: Constricting, Suffocating)

You can't have the Selective PF on the Area Blast, you need the Selective Attack extra.

FC PbP usually does not allow Continuous effects in an Array.

It'd probably be best to have the environmental Feats, Immunities, Super-Movement, Super-Senses, and Swimming outside of the Array.

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