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I probably wont have space to run this now, but probably will have soon. 


Superheroes losing their powers temporarily is a common enough story, and I would like to run one. If anyone is interested?


A few key points


Ideally some PCs no more than PL 7 "depowered", and more importantly they have the wits, determination and skills to be cool even with no powers. 


Generally this will be completely depowered but you could make an argument for a few trivial powers or training powers. The key is this is a radical shift for the character. 


Ill let the character start off with an extra HP for this! (unless all their powers are devices)


Antagonists will of course be scaled back. Common thugs start to be something that might sting, whilst well equipped soldier types can be a real threat. 


I think this works best for solo threads. 


PC will of course have powers returned (as long as you wish! or possibly, if you wish, transformed). 


The depowered status is, by some means, a signal to a mid / low level threat (such as that Mafia boss or bountry hunter you laughed off previously) to seek revenge. you will be pursued. This gives an opportunity for you to run and escape rather than the reverse chase scene (you chasing the bad guy). 


Do you have ideas how ths would work? what would depower your pc? what kind of thrills might this entail?

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I am up for this! a good lesson for facsimile again!


His powers are biological/mutation so i imagine there could be drugs that inhibit his mental access and control of his powers


or else like muscles they might burn out if overstressed


as for antagonists facsimile has made a few enemies, though the most prudent would be ghostworks i think, they have preformed some experimentation on him and consist mainly of military forces though they might work with bounty hunters or minor villains along the lines of suicide squad


eluding or escaping capture, infiltration, sabotage and otherwise dealing with a rogue goverment agency would be the main draw of that i think.

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