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back with a new character

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hello again! After racking my brain for a few weeks I have come up with a new character! 

I have a few questions about super speed. Does it apply to all movements or would a limited tag change that?

Also, I know the damage count for pistol damage, but I was curious if nonlethal ammo changed the damage. 

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Super-Speed is actually four powers linked together. Speed, Quickness, Enhanced Improved Initiative, and Array. For every rank of Super-Speed, you get one rank of each.


Guns of any type are disallowed here, even nonlethal. Sucks too, as someone who wanted to make a gunslinger at one time.


Apparently guns are allowed, but you cant use bullets.

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Regular bullets aren't what I want to use anyway so, yay!


Next question: Paralysis

Binding someone keeps them awake, but limits their mobility. Poisons cause damage and are icky. Using an array you could mind grapple someone etc.inf. 

What kind of array would i need to have; say, the numbing darts from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective 2 for my ammo, but paint balls instead of darts.


My character basically uses modified nerf guns to paralyze, glue catch, or punch dart foes. Both demeaning and quirky. 


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If you are interested in super-speed, I HIGHLY suggest breaking it into it component parts and buying them separately, that way you can control what you buy.  You can check out Velocity in my characters link for an example (she was the very first speedster on the site).

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I will have to check that out, thanks for all the help so far!


So I have another question about something I want to put on this guy. Kinda like a combo move or a special move.


Fan the hammer:

Hit three targets within five feet of each other at same time with three shot that sound like one trigger pull.


Should that be a special move/ power or just an action from super speed?


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