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The Peace Palace

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It is a cold damp Tuesday Night. The moon illuminates the streets to all those passing by. A small girl, young in age and looks with a hold-all bag clutched in her right hand. She looked quite fragile, and certainly innocent. Strange that she was heading for a low profile, high risk and high age nightclub. A neon sign flashed on it, The Peace Palace. All around, people ignored her. They also ignored the five men dressed in hoodys.

Before anybody could say something, the men grabbed the girl. She naturally screamed, but a hand stifled the scream. She was dragged away by one of the men and the others produced Fire arms. One wielded duel pistols, two wielded a single but powerful pistol. The final had a suitcase he opened to reveal an AK-47. They held all the weapons out ready, as screams and weeping could be heard.

"We'z da City Boyz bruv. We kill y'all" The man armed with the AK yelled. The call for a superhero was quickly announced.

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Wesley tried his hardest not to be conspicuous. Night time was not a time to be driving through this area. But he had work here. It wasn't too much, but he'd be able to eat and fuel the car for a while. He was supposed to meet the person he was inking, Zeus, at some night club called "The Peace Palace". Wesley wondered about people with singular names in this town. He could be making a very powerful friend or just some punk with an attitude. Parking was easy enough. Nightclubs on Tuesdays usually dont get that much business. It was almost too quiet. He didn't notice anybody hanging around the entrance. Again he chalked it up to being a weekday, but his gut kept trying to warn him. When he walked into the nightclub a shriek rang out and there were five very heavily armed men holding one girl, and the few people that were there and not armed were panicking. Thinking quickly amongst the cries for heroism, he wasn't going to let that girl or these people be threatened.

"Hey! Hey!" Wesley chided at the men slowly walking in a confident manner towards them, "You better drop that girl or things are gonna get real ugly..."

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The gangsters, their identity revealed, turn to face you. The one armed with duel pistols starts yelling a lord of slang at his mates, something like a code the gangers use yo keep secrecy and communicate.

"Why we letz 'er go? We'ze in charge 'ere" He demands, brandishing his weapon viciously.

"You payz $5,000,000,000, we'ze give 'er back. Getz me bruz" he demanded once again. His pistols were raised as every other gun was trained on him.

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If Wesley were in his right mind he would of fled. The only thing that kept him there was the adrenaline flowing through him at that moment. Standing his ground, his gaze met all five of theirs, one by one. Finally answering the question and request put before him, "Oh, I gotcha. I just don't think you can handle the check I'm gonna hand over if you don't leave that girl and this place in the next three seconds." Wesley took one defiant step towards the crew of thugs, "One," raising his arms outwards and taking another step, "Two," taking one last step, putting him right next to the girl and in the middle of the group of thugs, "Three."

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