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Satanus Deus

Cuddle Fish

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Ok, so this idea popped into my head. Not all heroes are fully fleshed archetypes. Like, some heroes only get one power. The power I was thinking was Emotion Control. And then someone mentioned "cuttlefish" but misspelled it "Cuddle Fish". And then I was like, "well, i have to do this now." Cuddle Fish hugs their enemy and injects venom/poison into them, that concoction changes the hugged's emotion. Seeing as it'll be grabbed based, Cuddle Fish knows various grappling arts.


@Supercape said I should write this down and remember it for later. Or that he would do something for it. Either way, thanks!

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Hey Deus, so your description and the name reminded me right away of something: 



Intelligent water-breathing species include the humanoid Pisceans (members of the Republic and now reluctant citizens of the Imperium) alongside non-humanoids like the Kailur, intelligent giant squid-like creatures, and their smaller “cousins” the Hexxim, six-limbed intelligent, telepathic cephalopods. Water-breathers (unless they are amphibious) tend to rely on water-filled life support suits or vehicles when operating away from their home environment, but they adapt well to microgravity, living in water-filled ships or space habitats. Hexxim, for example, are excellent physicians and technicians in the Imperium.


That's from the Cosmic Handbook, and in particular I wanted to draw your attention to the Kailur and Hexxim, the telepathic squids and octopi-like folks of the wider galaxy. Being a multi-tentacled space creature, they'd likely have some kind of encounter suit to protect them and translate them to others and vice versa, their many limbs make them excellent wrestlers, and they could even be (non-fatally) venomous to others, including radically affecting the minds of people they sting. Also you'd be a giant space squishie on a mission of peace, so that'd be neat too.

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After much deliberation, I think Cuddle Fish will be of normal human stock. Either psychic or mutant. I am surprised that there are not one but THREE fish races. You guys are aweosme

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